Marinate the members of Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, Cowboy Junkies, and Skydiggers. Then sauté their folk rock flavors together in a black cauldron of spooky malevolence, and you’ll end up with a pot of beatnik hippies, who could sound anywhere from Kenny G to Shawn Mullins and still be considered cool.

Lee Harvey Osmond’s new album A Quiet Evil combines elements of folk, country, soul, blues, and indie rock to enjoy on an early Sunday morning. With the slide guitar, cello, harmonica, and Tom Wilson’s tender baritone voice, it’s a nice ensemble of silky melodies. “I’m Going To Stay That Way” is the best track on the record due to its soulful organ and smooth vocal harmonies between frontman Wilson and guest vocalist Suzie Vinnick, who sounds a lot like Emmylou Harris. “Lucifer’s Blues” starts off with a spoken word and quickly goes into a catchy Jack Johnson-like song with jangly guitars and bongos. Most of the songs have a laid-back country vibe to them, but not so soothing that it’ll put you to sleep.

A Quiet Evil doesn’t go overboard with its ensembles. Even with all the instruments featured on the album, Lee Harvey Osmond balance them throughout the whole album so it wouldn’t sound like a train wreck of jam solos all on one track. The album is consistent with its moonshine-fueled tone, dark ambiance, and quixotically keeps you on your feet with a downy, velvet sound.

In A Word: Slide

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  1. Alvin

    actually the guest vocalist on “I’m Going To Stay That Way ” is Margo Timmons of Cowboy Junkies.

  2. Tony

    Good catch, Alvin. Lee Harvey concurs and says that Suzie Vinnick was on “The Love of One”

  3. Mark A. Jay

    I really dig this CD. There’s a nice natural blend of musical styles and phrasing, and it’s a very nice recording as well – a real ‘organic’ feel to it. Also, the track sequencing allows the CD to flow quite well; the tracks nicely complement one another. I met Tom Wilson (and Aaron Goldstein, pedal steel) back in October of this year in Ann Arbor when they played The Ark along with the Cowboy Junkies. Righteous cats with chops as well as a sense of humor.

  4. Cristina J.

    I totally agree with you Mark. The album is very natural and they seem like really nice guys!


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