There are bands that have a timeless quality to their music, and there are bands that are clearly tethered to a certain generation. The Redemption Center is a band that strikes a balance between the two, being both timeless and timely. The music, a mix between the jangle pop of the Gin Blossoms and country twang of Ryan Adams, makes for interesting results on Land of Plenty.

The album starts off with a showcase of quasi-ragtime piano playing before segueing into the first actual song, “The Boy Who Shed His Skin.” With its mid-to-up-tempo drums, guitar jangle, and soulful, Southern vocals, the song sets the mood and pace for the rest of the record. Land of Plenty continues on that way, each song sounding similar to the last. The band carves out its own sound, which is good, but it’s a sound you’ve heard before.

One of few highlights is “Six Years and a Day.” It’s a simple love song that works perfectly. The band is at its best when it gets at the truth but all too occasionally The Redemption Center gets caught up in the details. It’s a shame, with a little more work Land of Plenty would have had a lot to offer.

In A Word: Plain

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  1. Steve

    Thanks for the review. Wish you would have enjoyed it more. Btw the record label is Blind Records, not Bird Records


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