“Is that beat, beat, beating in your head gonna get to you?” The Young International kicks off their debut EP with this interrogation on Ruckus. The beat on this first piece bumps along to some shimmering electric guitar and vocals with more than enough attitude. Lyrics invite listeners to make a crowd to literally start a ruckus. That guitar becomes more expansive, while vocals become a bit more intimate, before drums crash into the hook “I’m gonna hold you like gravity” on the second piece, “Gravity.”

“Say Goodbye To The Sun” offers a few echoes and background vocal distortion, along with some more of that arena filling guitar.

“Shadowboxing” brings in an acoustic guitar, and some bittersweet strings to accentuate the message “Maybe I’m just striking at the wind, shooting at a target I can’t hit.”

“Straight Line” ends the EP, bringing things full circle with that guitar and punching drums.

Between the personal, introspective lyrics delivered with authentically sincere vocals, and the careful use of each instrument the band picks up, in a mere 17-and-a-half minutes and five tracks, The Young International displays a style that will definitely get to you.

In A Word: Efficient

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