The sibling duo that makes up The Bell Brigade is making their debut with a self-titled album. The release starts off on a light, fluffy and love-filled note with “Sweet Louise.” “Where Not To Look For Freedom” will have the listener questioning where they find their freedom, and the song itself can be interpreted as a track of self-realization. In contrast to the previous two up-tempo songs, “Losers,” has the “I don’t care what you think of me” elements that makes this track a winner, and can be an anthem for every outsider-looking-in. The upbeat poppiness of the album is brought back with “Belt Of Orion,” which is lacking something that would make it a great pop tune.

“Lucky Guy” seems to be a recollection of events and boils down to despite any misfortunes thrown in the way, with the message that being alive is truly being lucky. Keeping with the feel goodness of the album, “Lonely Lonely” is a catchy and bouncy tune. Bringing down the mood a bit, “Punchline” provides an overall despaired vibe, which compared to the liveliness of the rest of the album provides a nice change. “Rusted Wheel” and “My Goodness” have more of a rock feel to them. “Fasten You To Me” closes out this debut on a sweet and romantic note.

In A Word: Spirited


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