The show begins with flashing red strobes as blue lights beam in the background. White LEDs that spell out “Bad Co” vertically shine on the video wall, as members of the band take the stage and start playing “Can’t Get Enough.” Paul Rodgers twirls the mic stand in the air as he looks out into the audience, then spins himself around throwing the stand up only to catch it as it falls. During the guitar solos, Mick Ralphs and Howard Leese, complete with a gold-glittered guitar, come to the front of the stage to play off each other while Rodgers smacks together two tambourines interacting with the audience as he points the mic to his fans to finish the line “Can’t get enough of your love…” At the end of the song, fans applaud, as the band goes straight into “Honey Child.”

The group is hot as they slide into “Run With The Pack” as Rodgers shows off his chops on keys. Giving Simon Kirke, Lynn Sorenson and Howard Leese a break, Rodgers and Mick Ralphs perform the only acoustic piece on the DVD, “Seagull.” “Feel Like Makin’ Love” begins with Howard Leese on a ukulele as Rodgers gets the crowd clapping along. The song comes to a close when Rodgers pulls out a harmonica to finish.

As the DVD comes to an end, the live experience doesn’t let up as the band pulls out fan favorites, “Rock And Roll Fantasy,” “Movin’ On,” “Bad Company,” saving the last song to be “Deal With The Preacher.” Concertgoers must have been very pleased with the Bad Company crew. The members are still full of energy even in their 60s, and performed as tight as ever with a great setlist fitting in hit singles and deep tracks alike.

In A Word: Vitality


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