The first volume of Abbie Barrett & The Last Date’s series of Triples shows off the range in talent of both singer Abbie Barrett and her band, The Last Date. With a voice similar to Alanis Morissette, Barrett’s has great range.

The three-track release starts out with “Here To Stay,” which combines guitar and bass lines mixed with Barrett’s abrasive vocals to form a tune that promotes a positive, ‘you can do anything’ way of thinking. In contrast to the uplifting, pop-punk first track, “On The Range” shows the variety of genres that Abbie Barrett & The Last Date can cover. The song has a lonesome, country feel to it. The Last Date provides an alternative country sound in the drums, and keys to add to the power of the piece. In the final track, “Draw Me In,” Barrett’s sweet side is shown through the quasi-romantic feel of the slow drums and vocals. The tune comes to a close with a guitar solo and distant “ahs.”

This was both an impressive and diverse first volume to the series.. Whether you want to jam out to “Here To Stay” or sway and bask in the romance of “Draw Me In,” Abbie Barrett & The Last Date provides it.

In A Word: Diverse

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