Barry Adamson’s tenth studio release, I Will Set You Free, starts off with a burst of lightning in “Set Your Mind Right.” The swanky and upbeat piece sets the tone for Adamson’s latest studio release. The CD starts off on such a strong note with the following track, “Black Holes In My Brain.” Right from the first note, the snappy track commanded complete attention with its snappy beat. Adamson’s sultry voice is just the icing on the cake.

The disc switches gears during “Turnaround.” The cut has an experimental and psychedelic feel to it, especially in the keys. Despite each number being decent, some are better crafted than the others. For example, “The Power Of Suggestion” doesn’t stand a chance next to the energetic and overall kickass “Destination.” The sleek guitars midway through I Will Set You Free really adds some color to the already bright release.

“The Trigger City Blues” shows off a darker side of Adamson. The beginning of the cut starts off with storm sounds followed by his uneasy voice until there is an explosion of chilling guitars screeches. Besides “Black Holes In My Brain” and “Destination,” “The Trigger City Blues” is the most dramatic piece with its play-like setup. Because of his menacing tone a few numbers previous, the romantic ballad, “If You Love Her,” shows off Adamson’s softer side.

The album is simple, but certainly not boring. Barry Adamson will keep you entertained with various tones and feelings throughout the disc.

In A Word: Smooth

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