IlldotLogic’s latest release, Dreams In Stereo, really wasn’t anything too extraordinary. Sure, the 12-track disc has some originality in the beats, but overall it sounded much like what one would hear on their nearest Top 40 radio station. I will say that the opening track, “Follow Me,” had a slight White Stripes feel to it—if Jack and Meg White were going for points in the generic category. However, the deep and bass heavy piece is loud and certainly energetic. IlldotLogic’s “Wanna Get To Know Ya” is your standard R&B, cheesy love song that tones down the energy of the release. The slower pieces on Dreams In Stereo are actually some of the better sounding ones compared to the banging beats of the other cuts. Despite the auto-tune, “The Last Race” is the most delicate piece on the album with its full orchestra sound. Out of the 12 tracks, this one proved to be arguably the strongest number.

Although continuations of themselves, the two tracks that make up the “Zebra” series have slightly different sounds. Part I of the series has a strong, retro, electronic beat, much like that of Depeche Mode’s. It also features awkward cawing, which was a bit distracting. The slower and swankier number, “Zebra Part II,” was much more pleasing to the ear with its glistening and space age like vibe. That pair of numbers gave Dreams In Stereo a strong face-lift, which was thrown away by the laughable “Gum Balls With Picasso Witapen.” Although anthemic sounding, the overall piece seemed like gangsta rap gone very, very wrong.

If one is looking for something upbeat and fun, give IlldotLogic a chance—just don’t be surprised when it sounds much like what you can hear on the radio.

In A Word: Meh

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