It’s not every day that a rock and roll band comes to America from Belgium and puts out a new record that speaks out so significantly. Black Box Revelation has released their highly anticipated album, My Perception, which demonstrates what the band’s capabilities are along with what sound they wish to emulate in their music.

These Belgian rockers are a contributing group in the progressive boom of the concept of mainstream bands consisting of two members today. For any fan of indie rock that is unfamiliar with BBR, you are truly missing out. My Perception manages to do a great job at staying true to the common theme within this genre of recording in a style that sounds almost retro. Unfortunately this is something that has been done before time and time again. The difference is that Black Box Revelation makes it work, as the tones of each instrument have more of a crunch to them and it complements their sound when played at high volumes. Track five, “Bitter,” shows roots in jazz and Western influence done in their own special way and it’s truly a great song. Everything is pretty standard when it comes to levels as far as production goes. A very distinguishable aspect of the album is the deep, pounding sounds of the drums that give way to everything else, allowing the boys the chance to really step out and play their music as hard and as loud as they want.

Black Box Revelation most definitely has characteristics to them with their new release, which helps pinpoint their originality. When it comes to the discovery of those elements, one must really listen carefully for them. Once in a while it takes just a little bit more attention paid to something in order to find its glory.

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