Radio Dial is Jason Myles Goss’ first ever self-produced accomplishment. With four independently distributed albums in his past, the singer-songwriter has loads of tour experience under his belt. Originally from Massachusetts, the now Brooklyn-based artist channels a combination of blues and country through his own brand of folk pop. As the record begins with “Into The Night,” you’re suspicions about an extremely acoustic guitar-oriented album are correct, as they’re the constant here throughout the 13 tracks.

The tempo slows down and the sound takes a down-home bluesy turn on “Lion’s Mouth.” This is a song that describes the pitfalls choosing to leave home behind you that is no doubt inspired by this musician’s time spent on the road. “Red Letter Man” is a well-constructed pop tune that has mainstream qualities, as it’s filled with very catchy vocal parts. Branching off into other genres like alternative and indie, this track is easily one of the most memorable on the record. “Keep Your Love With Me” is a well-written, despairing song about a love lost, made up of lines like “You were always my darkest dove, frightened by just what it loves.” The vocals of Jason Myles Goss are accompanied by understated guitar parts and little else, allowing for the number to maintain a simple, somber vibe.

The repetitive chorus of “Dark Dark Winter” sticks and makes you want to sing along as the passion of tune becomes contagious. The well-executed showcase of this singer’s vocal ability is on “Bows And Arrows.” Here, he displays his chops by vocally projecting, exploring his range, and hits notes that ring clearly. The last song, “New York City” feels like the perfect background sound for the climax of romantic film and it’s the perfect finale for Radio Dial. The lyrics penned by Jason Myles Goss are not structurally predictable but make for an entertaining listen. He is a musician who knows what he wants out of his sound and makes smart use of the genres he has been influenced by.

In A Word: Fresh

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