Singer-songwriter Kyler England was on a mission to write another album, and with the help of her fans, Electric Hum was born. Her Pledge Music Campaign offered fans free goodies such as ringtones, a free CD, Polaroid collages from making the album and more. In return, her fans willingly funded the album 100 percent. England is no rookie in the music industry. Her band, The Rescues, have been around since 2007. She has released more than a few solo albums but went on a hiatus in 2009. Now, returning as a solo artist, her 2011 release Electric Hum is a compilation of 10 emotionally charged stories of love and life.

“Battle Cry” opens with simple drum tracks. As the beat steadily ascends, her harmonies blossom. The song bursts to life as England sings, “Where there’s shadow, there is light/Love is in the battle cry.” The lyrics make it hard not to feel like she does. There may, in fact, be hope in love. The next track, “Take These Things To Heart” is yet another honest song about the trials and tribulations of love. She continues with her extremely direct nature in “We Rise Like Smoke,” as she sings, “There’s a winter blush on your cheek/There’s an innocent thrill that we are seeking, seeking/Oh to feel like we did before/Oh to leave you still wanting more.”

England then slows things down with a hopeful love ballad, “Eye Of Your Storm.” Even with the drop in tempo, it’s difficult to lose interest. Without getting lost in the mellow tunes, she gradually brings the tempo back up with tracks “When The World Stops Spinning” and “Alchemy.” It seems as if the next song, “Leave A Light On,” should be placed before the two aforementioned tracks, as the tempo is brought back down. It adds a lull to the album that would be better suited earlier on the tracklist. She closes the CD with “This Time Next Year.” With a catchy hook and soothing harmonies, this song is the perfect closer for this heartfelt love story.

In A Word: Beautiful

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