While there are plenty of bands out there trying to make it big with a new style and a new sound of music, every so often one may come across a band that stands out from the rest. Michaelironside are a two-piece band from Jersey unlike any other with their antics and silly ballads. Their new release, Gelatin Moon, is the perfect demonstration of goof-offs and party practice.

A lot of effects vocally are put into the mix making the lyrics hard to understand and creepy by nature. Most of the songs include somewhat of an electronic sounding drum kit, with lead guitarist Jeff Wasserburger throwing down a level of distortion on his guitar that sounds almost as if its intent was eyeball popping. Other tracks include a more retro ’80s club tone that sounds joyous and freeing.

One interesting aspect of Michaelironside is that much of their lyrics are written by a third party who goes by the name of “Ryan.” This dark figure of a lyricist lurking in the shadows cast out by Michaelironside chooses titles for his songs that are perfectly fitting for the album. “Gummy Werewolves” is a good example of the insanity behind what these gentlemen try to accomplish with their new album.

Although each piece of Gelatin Moon may sound silly or kooky at first, it gets much more unique and artistic as it goes along. There seems to be a certain amount of quality and genius behind the madness. Singer Adam Lepkowski does a fantastic job at displaying pure despair with his carefully constructed changes in vocal pitch. As the music industry and popular taste continue to grow, who knows if the music world is ready for Michaelironside’s Gelatin Moon.

In A Word: Masterful

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