Brothers Seamus, Aidan, and David have been around each other for quite a long time, and even though I’m sure they have their own personal scuffles every now and then (as all brothers do), when it comes to music, these guys are pretty serious. Their debut album, Ha Ha Ha, is a highlight in these young guys’ lives, and I was eager to see what they had to offer.

When I began to listen to Ha Ha Ha, I sat. And waited. There were no vocals, no words, which I found to be ironic, considering the Latin meaning of “canto” is “to sing.” “Adam And Eve” was entirely instrumental, yet I couldn’t help but nod my head to the rhythm of the song. This was easily a beat I could see playing in the background of an advertisement, or even a videogame home screen.

The vocals finally arrived in “Sandpaper.” While it was thankfully not as rough and edgy as the title suggested, it didn’t quite match the appeal of the opening track. The brothers’ voices had a blues vibe to them, which matched their rock style of music quite nicely. “Griseous” began with a barrage of drums and guitars before muting down a bit for Seamus’ vocals. The fantastic guitar solos that the brothers managed to squeeze in here were the most impressive, as they were an absolute blast to listen to.

I found it difficult to believe these guys were all under the age of 20, so props to them for producing such a strong outing their first time around. While I wasn’t completely blown away by Ha Ha Ha, the potential in Canto is definitely there. And with a bit of patience and focus, I’m sure there will be bigger and better things to come from them in the future.

In A Word: Progressive

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