New Jersey locals, Precious Bones’ latest release, Fracture, is a bit rough around the edges vocally but comes well equipped with solid rockabilly instrumentals. “Watch Over Me” crawls in with a distant, unique news report at the forefront of the track that builds with anticipation. Harsh riffs, heavy bass and brash drums outshine Antoine Poncelet’s inconsistent vocals. Despite a less than amazing performance, Poncelet certainly puts heart into the lyrics and vocals for Fracture, including “Nothing” and “Goodtimes,” which were both written by bassist Guy Tetro. After the edgy first piece, “Nothing” pops in with a hint of summertime. Again, it seems that the percussion takes the forefront during the loud and exciting chorus, especially as Poncelet’s natural treble adds some weight onto the second number.

And the good times roll in with a surf rock feel and overlapping vocals and a sleek bass groove in the youthful chorus. Precious Bones sasses up the album with the energetic and top-notch “All She Wants,” as Poncelet gets into the zone and digs deep to produce his best performance on the disc. The badass jam hits the nail on the head as for incorporating the vocal stylings of what sounds like at least three other members of the sextet. After the sudden burst of energy, the serene “This Is It” has Fracture limping to the doctor. Certainly not the strongest cut on the short release, but shows that the six-piece are capable of showing a more vulnerable side.

As a whole, Fracture seemed a bit short to really show what the band is made of. With a little bit of fine-tuning, Precious Bones has some serious potential.

In A Word: Rough

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