Blue & Gold: In My Head

Blue & Gold

In My Head


02-18 Discs - Blue And Gold

There’s something about a band with multiple vocalists that’s just entrancing; two singers whose voices complement and contrast the others. One such band is Blue & Gold, a Brooklyn-based foursome looking to make waves in the music scene. Fronting the band are guitarist/vocalists Chloe Raynes and Alex Kapelman, who play call and answer with their singing, as well as riffing. Rounding out the lineup is GG Gonzalez on drums and Derek Cabrera on bass.

Although a highlight of this band is their vocal harmonies, it goes without saying that the instrumentation presented in In My Head are powerhouses in their own rights. Every track on the album has its own strengths and defining measures, from the classic Led Zeppelin-fueled “In My Head” to the down-and-dirty blues jam “Bowery Ball And Chain.”

Keeping up with the jazz and punk influences, there’s an abundance of loud, yet simple guitar solos, in which Raynes and Kapelman opt for Frusciante-esque melodic riffs more frequently than the crazy notations you’d hear in a Guns N’ Roses solo. This, of course, is accompanied by precise grooves from Cabrera’s bass and intense rhythms from Gonzalez’s drums.

In My Head is not only an extremely accessible album, but it’s a testament to musical prowess; these four musicians come from extremely diverse backgrounds and have combined their efforts to write a superb album.

In A Word: Jazzy

—by , February 17, 2015

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