Friends and family, we meet again. First off, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on our interview with Those Mockingbirds last week. It’s always cool to see what impact those guys have on the local market, constantly doing new and innovative things. I wish them the best of luck on their new tunes.

Speaking of new, I want to bring to your attention a band that has been rising up the ladder rather quickly these days, even while only being around for a short amount of time. They recently submitted their tunes to the Aquarian, however, I have been aware of their presence for a few weeks (Local Radar pending, I should say). They go by the name of Monument Of A Memory. Haven’t heard of them? We will change that. Heard of them? Kudos to you; you’re in the know.

Monument Of A Memory is a “metal, metalcore, thrashcore” band from Bergen County, New Jersey. Members of this band consist of Tommy on vocals, Kevin and Eren on guitar, Josh on bass, and Dylan on drums. This five-piece band has been getting a ton of buzz as of late, and rightfully so. They are very young; in fact, their drummer Dylan is only 18 years young, and their vocalist Tommy is only 17. Wow, I know what many of you are thinking: This Radar is making you feel old this week, right? That’s okay; we won’t date ourselves too much.

Anyway, Monument Of A Memory are hot and eager to get their word out there in the local market, and they are doing it the right way. With constant networking, promoting, and sharing on socials, they are definitely on the right path of getting their message out there. In fact, they were just added to a killer show at Starland Ballroom on Nov. 1. Fitting them perfectly with a nice blend of bands in similar genre, they will be sharing the stage with Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, Upon A Burning Body, The Word Alive, and The Color Morale. I don’t think you could have painted a more perfect picture of a lineup for them to join, to be quite honest. Tickets are on sale now for this show at, or you can buy them from Monument Of A Memory directly.

Now, I am basing my “fan girl” vibe on them solely off of their videos and recordings, but I have a feeling their live set will really seal the deal. I look forward to experiencing them for the first time on such a well-known stage, for I know that their sound will be loud, booming, and mind-blowing. After checking out their pages, I stumbled across the fact that they have also recently opened up for Battlecross. Basically, in their prime, they have already opened up for several well-known signed artists; I’d say they are off to a good start.

Speaking of checking out their videos, I highly recommend you stumble on over to YouTube and check out a play-through video they recently posted of them performing “Wretched.” It gives you a stripped-down version of just how multi-talented these kids are. Watching this allowed me to be captivated by their talent and effortless enthusiasm. Plus, it already has a couple hundred views in a short amount of time.

I am confident that Monument Of A Memory will be well on their way if they keep up the networking, positive attitude, and of course, originality. If you want to learn more about this band, access their music, check out some cool videos, and just join the movement, be sure to visit their Facebook page at Also, show them some support as they open up for Motionless In White, The Devil Wears Prada, and more at Starland Ballroom Nov. 1. I can’t wait to see these guys captivate the crowd at Starland Ballroom and showcase their talents on the big stage. I have a feeling these boys will be in it for the long haul; after all, they still have a lot of years of hard work ahead of them on the horizon!

I will be back next week with another local act of your liking. Keep on sending in those submissions to, and you could be the next band in the Local Radar! Cheers.

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