An Interview with Brick + Mortar: Dropping The Mic

When I found out I was going to talk to Brandon Asraf, bassist and vocalist for Jersey-based duo Brick + Mortar, I turned to the all-knowing Internet to do some pre-interview research. Some of the things I discovered? We have one mutual friend on Facebook, he’s done a few interviews …

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Stars @ 9:30 Club

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Stars is a really weird band.

First, they’re incredibly organized. I’ve never seen the 9:30 Club stage look so clean; not only did each band member have their own designated spot on stage, but there was barely a wire in sight. I suppose after 15 years of touring, a …

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Reigning Sound: Shattered

Reigning Sound released Shattered, their follow-up to 2009’s Love And Curses, back in July. However, Shattered feels more like a late August/early September record, like something I’d rock out to on the first day of school. It’s still got the carefree, mellow nature of summer in its sound, …

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Joshua Worden: Into Fog

Proudly Atlanta-based is Joshua Worden, an indie/electronic artist and producer who takes being a solo act very seriously. On top of writing and arranging his own music, Worden also records all of his tracks in his home studio. His ambition alone is astounding, his professionalism quite something else; his latest …

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Sinead O’Connor: I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss

I’ll be honest, I’ve never listened to ‘90s songstress Sinead O’Connor until now. In a way, I think that gives me an advantage as a listener and critic; I’m not listening to her as a loyal fan, so I can say impartially that her latest effort, I’m Not Bossy, I’m

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The Belle Sounds: Black Stone EP

I love indie folk pop. It’s usually one of my favorite genres. And I tried to really hard to like The Belle Sounds’ Black Stone EP, but alas, I could not.

Was it the Texas trio’s peacenik lyrics about being a “December child” or “the smell of summer” that …

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Eric Prydz: “Liberate” Yourself

Grammy-nominated producer and Swedish DJ Eric Prydz will perform live in NYC Sept. 27 as part of a Madison Square Garden spectacular. The show, billed as Epic 3.0, is sure to live up to its name; Prydz will use holograms, LED and HD technology and more than two hours’ worth …

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Steven Wright: Louie Fans Rejoice

Academy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated stand-up comedian Steven Wright is returning to the Tri-State Area to perform. Known for his deadpan style of comedy and one-liners, Wright is sure to deliver an uproar at his shows. Fans of the FX series Louie would enjoy Wright’s routine—he has guest starred on the …

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The Tontons: Unsigned And Undefined

Houston indie rockers The Tontons are revisiting NYC as part of their Midwestern/East Coast tour. The band describes their music as sounding “like the Tontons” and refuses to compare themselves to “mainstream” bands. They performed in NYC last month for the AfroPunk Fest, which celebrates black and multicultural alternative musicians. …

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Edwin McCain: Just Cruising Through

Top-40 hit singer Edwin McCain will perform Sept. 19 at SubCulture Arts Underground in NYC. McCain’s songs “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More” were huge in the ‘90s, and according to SubCulture’s event page, continue to be used as wedding and American Idol audition songs. Catch McCain …

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