Hypernova: Through The Chaos

One of the forerunners of the ‘Iranian rock movement,’ it feels good to say that Hypernova is deserving of their coverage, not just because of their struggle in getting the eff out of Iran after President Ahmadinejad banned all Western music in the country, but because they are four superbly …

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George Winston: Love Will Come – The Music Of Vince Guaraldi Volume 2

The second installment of George Winston’s tribute to Peanuts composer Vince Guaraldi is a warm, nostalgic compliment to a piano idol.

Winston became inspired to pursue a career in music at the age of 16 after becoming obsessed with Guaraldi’s score of the 1965 holiday classic Charlie Brown Christmas, …

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Gallhammer: Gloomy Lights

For a band that only formed in 2003, before any of the members had even learned to play their instruments, you have to give Japanese, all-girl, black metal trio, Gallhammer, credit for the brutal efficiency in which they convey their hatred.

Signed to Peaceville Records in 2006 at the request …

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TSI: Hands Off My Rock ‘N’ Roll

Not many bands do the “rock ‘n’ roll” thing anymore. Countless subgenres like hard rock, pop rock, prog, blues rock, rock metal or, the less popular, rock lobster make the blanket term appear to be the exclusive realm of middle-aged bar bands playing Stones covers. That’s what is so energizing …

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Interview with Anaka: The Glorified Keep Rising

A lot of bands dream of getting their big break; signing a recording contract, releasing an album, and touring the world. Brooklyn’s Anaka is not that band. Never content to be at rest, led by brothers Jimmy (vocals) and Peter Pallis (guitars), the band has won over their vast and …

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Tinariwen: Tuareg Nomad Rebel Blues

Formed in 1979, Tinariwen did not record their first album until 2001. Having faced incredible hardship all their lives, the core of the eight-piece group stayed together playing as often as they could, even through the dangers of civil war and revolution in and around their homeland in the West …

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Overkill: Ironbound

This is Overkill, they are still great. What did you expect?

Every decade or so Overkill return to their NYC thrash roots, and there is much rejoicing. Most of their peers didn’t last even a quarter of the time Overkill have been without a break and no one seriously believes …

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Daughters: Daughters

With this eponymous fourth studio recording from Providence, RI,-based Daughters, the band has proved to any doubters that you can, in fact, produce an eight-song record, nearly 30 minutes in length, comprised almost entirely of minor seconds.

Indeed, the most discordant of musical intervals is used and abused throughout their …

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DevilDriver: Evil x4

The hardest working acts in metal do not know how to take time off. Always working, always rocking, the guys from DevilDriver still are not satisfied after years of steadily gaining success. Amid a rigorous touring schedule since their inception in 2003 the band has found the time to record …

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Karnivool: Sound Awake

If there is one modern progressive rock band has a real chance to break into the mainstream, it’s Australia’s Karnivool. One of the most popular rock acts in their native country, the band has only recently begun garnering a U.S. fan base, captivating listeners with their unique, panoramic sound.

There …

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