The Young Veins: Take A Vacation!

A name as volatile to the ears of indie pop listeners as “Voldemort” to Harry Potter aficionados, the skinny-tie-wearing brutes of Panic! At The Disco are back. The band’s rebirth comes under the alias The Young Veins and is comprised of two P!ATD converts along with three outside additions.


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Minus The Bear: Electric Boogaloo

Known for their awesome arrangements and bizarre song names, Minus The Bear has been favorite to many in the indielectronica scene for years. The dueling, funky guitars and electronic drumbeats are the band’s trademark. The intense synth riffs, in songs “The Fix” and “Lotus,” are contagious and always impress crowds …

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Miyavi: Oresama in NYC

Japanese pop star Miyavi is coined as a “Samurai guitarist” and has nicknamed himself “Oresama.” He is known for his blend of American-inspired music, drawing from both rock and hip-hop, and traditional Japanese culture. Miyavi started as an acoustic musician but has transcended into a rapper in his more recent …

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Frog Eyes: Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph

While I am still unsure what is meant by its name, I felt like I had a triumph of my own by completing the daunting task of listening to all of Frog Eyes’ newest album. Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph is a nine-song collection that had me wondering if the band’s …

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Alamance: NJ Pop Rock Lives On

As the scene seems to be evolving into one with a focus on indie-folk and ambient post hardcore acts, Alamance aims to bring pop rock back to the mainstream. After gaining popularity by playing with The Jonas Brothers and My Chemical Romance, Alamance is poised to release their newest album …

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Good Charlotte: Pop Punk Infamy

Whether it’s their notorious history dating Hollywood starlets such as Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie, or Paris Hilton, or their music that makes them famous, Good Charlotte is a band that’s been on the scene for nearly 10 years. Their pop punk sound, inspired by Green Day and Blink 182, is …

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AM Taxi: We Don’t Stand A Chance / Virgin

What’s the deal with punk bands putting out arena rock, Springsteen-esque albums these days? Much like Gaslight Anthem and Against Me, AM Taxi is a band that has released an American rock album that sounds like they wrote it to be played in a stadium. Regardless, it is a strong …

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La Roux @ Terminal 5

NEW YORK, NY—Around 8 p.m. the sidewalk outside of Terminal 5 was swarming with bevies of 19-year-old hipster girls and gay men being inspected by security guards before being permitted entrance to the club. “La Roux” was posted on the door of the venue as people filed in as they …

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Tigers Jaw @ The Fire

PHILADELPHIA, PA—With six-speed bicycles piled high and chained to every street sign in a two-block radius of the venue, I expected to be packed in, arm in arm with all the Philly hipsters The Fire could hold. I was anticipating an especially high turnout due to the fact Tigers Jaw, …

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Nellie McKay: The Reincarnation of Doris Day

Imagine a jazz singer-songwriter and actress with blonde ‘40s style curls donning a pantsuit. Now imagine her under 40. Twenty-seven-year-old Nellie McKay’s jazz standard singing and quirky songwriting style has drawn comparisons to singers of old such as Doris Day. Not surprisingly (or very surprisingly), Nellie McKay has released …

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