Queued Up: Hot Discs For A Sweltering Summer

VIDDY WELL, MY DROOGIES — It’s hard to believe that four decades have passed since Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic rendering of A Clockwork Orange hit cinemas, stirred up massive controversy and warped our delicate little minds. Recently reissued in a 40th anniversary package that includes two new documentaries and a color …

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Interview with Mick Box from Uriah Heep: Wild As Ever

While many mainstream critics argue that aging rock bands are rarely if ever relevant, they clearly miss the point. A band can always remain relevant to their audience, and that is the absolute truth. Otherwise classic groups like AC/DC and Iron Maiden would not continue to thrive. Add to that …

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Queued Up: Picking The Most Rockin’ Discs Of The Month

(RE)DISCOVERING BRIAN ENO – While most mainstream people know Brian Eno for his time with Roxy Music, his producing work with U2 and Coldplay and his collaborations with David Bowie, far less know of his pioneering ambient work that influenced everything from movie soundtracks to the “electronica” movement of the …

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Queued Up: ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Dead Man,’ ‘TRON’ And More!

So many discs to sift through, so little time. Here’s what’s rockin’ my world this month.

HARRY POTTER (forever) — Man, it seems like the Harry Potter franchise is the most bankable thing out there. Each year that a new movie comes out, Warner Bros. releases it on DVD while …

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Twisted Sister Benefit For Uveitis Foundation: Interview with Jay Jay French

As founder and guitarist for Twisted Sister, Jay Jay French is used to making a lot of noise onstage, but now he is raising his voice to scream “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for another reason: to promote awareness of uveitis. His 17-year-old daughter, Samantha, has been battling the ocular …

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Interview with David Coverdale from Whitesnake: Uncoiling His Snake

Rock ‘n’ roll may be at a strange crossroads right now, co-opted by American Idol, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and the music biz may be waning, but Whitesnake is still going strong. The band is revving up to tour behind their excellent new album, Forevermore, their …

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Queued Up: For The Movie Buffs

I often joke that there are too many DVDs and not enough time. That sentiment especially resonates with fans of cult, horror and sci-fi flicks; one can never seem to keep up with everything that comes out, and frankly, who really wants to? As I get older I have begun …

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‘Whole Lotta Love’ Compilation: Divas Deluxe

Tribute albums are a dime a dozen these days. Whether it’s a string quartet homage to a metal band or a half-assed holiday collection, conjuring up an original concept is a challenge. Producer A.J. Confessore created an unusual one near and dear to his heart, Whole Lotta Love: An All-Star

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Interview With Oderus Urungus from GWAR: Controversy And Comedy

For over 25 years, Grammy-nominated shock rockers GWAR have assaulted our senses with punk and metal aggression, outrageous monster costumes, bloody stage shows and disgusterific anthems. Their twelfth and latest album, the metallic Bloody Pit Of Horror, continues that sonic and visual manifesto with testosterone-laden tunes like “You Are My …

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Interview with Joe Satriani: 2010 – A Modern Guitar Odyssey

Six-string master Joe Satriani resides in an unusual place in the music industry these days. At a time when the divide between gold and platinum selling artists and cult musicians is widening, the middle tier has been eroding, but the Long Island native has managed to maintain his position there …

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