The Super Fuzz: Art Noise

The Super Fuzz (previously The Chris Alvy Band) transports listeners back to the 1970s with the release of Art Noise on Oct. 2. Many great things came out of that era and either the band members are stuck back in time, or they wanted to revive classic rock. Part of …

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The Delta Saints: Death Letter Jubilee

Nashville-based quintet The Delta Saints have channeled that quintessential Southern rock sound. Their first full-length album, Death Letter Jubilee was not a disappointment to listen to. Prior to the release, they turned out two EPs, Pray On (2009) and A Bird Called Angola (2010). Immediately, I was drawn to …

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David Bronson: Story

For most artists, experiencing heartbreak is the perfect inspiration for a piece of work. We take our emotions, whether happy and remorseful, and transcend them to expunge the pain, or be especially selfish and share your pain with others. Indie rock artist David Bronson recently released his debut album, Story

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Hostage Calm: Please Remain Calm

As a teenager I used to gush over punk rock albums, and somewhere along the way my preference in music changed. I abandoned and dropped punk rock like a bad habit and haven’t revisited since. Hostage Calm has successfully reinstated my liking of punk rock with their third full-length album, …

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Milo Greene: Milo Greene

Los Angeles-based indie folk ensemble Milo Greene has released their self-titled debut album. For being a first disc from the quintet, I was expecting it to fall short somewhere along the way. Call me a pessimist, but it’s not often where we see bands get it right the first time …

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JJAMZ: Suicide Pact

When you take a handful of talented and successful musicians and put them together, you get JJAMZ. The indie rock quintet features Maroon 5’s guitarist, James Valentine, Rilo Kiley’s drummer, Jason Boesel, The Like’s lead singer, Z Berg, Phantom Planet’s singer and guitarist, Alex Greenwald, and solo artist Michael Runion. …

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Mykul Lee: Fortress

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Mykul Lee has recently released his third full-length album, Fortress. The disc is somewhat of a folk rock love letter that tells a story. Whether it was written for the object of Lee’s desire or for anyone in need of a good love song, it’s as …

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Analog Players Society: Hurricane Season In Brooklyn

Analog Players Society have released their debut full-length album, Hurricane Season In Brooklyn. The group of talented musicians hail from The Hook Studio in Brooklyn. Primarily being a jazz ensemble, there are also present flairs of reggae, pop, funk, and ska. The release is a melting pot of sounds …

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Dan Melchior: The Backward Path

Solo artist Dan Melchior (ex-The Broke Revue) recently released a new album, The Backward Path. The disc features Anthony Allman, Haley L. Fohr, Sam Hillmer, Ela Orleans, and C. Spencer Yeh. Melchior has been featured on over 20 albums, including releases by solo work, collaborations, and The Broke Revue. …

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Donny McCaslin: Casting For Gravity

Donny McCaslin, the renowned American jazz saxophonist, is set to release his 10th album, Casting For Gravity. Jazz is one of the genres that can be played entirely wrong or exceptionally well. When it’s done wrong, it belongs to be played through the speaker of an elevator or when …

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