Knights of the Indie Round Table: Crystal Castles

Glitchy indie duo Crystal Castles has been a hipster favorite for almost a decade. The guys are currently touring in support of their latest effort, Crystal Castles II, an album full of songs that most people aren’t cool enough to get the irony of. All scene kids should be sure …

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Bob Desper: New Sounds

Bob Desper is a folk singer/songwriter who released an album, New Sounds, thirty some odd years ago on a small Christian label. Recorded in one take, the themes of the album are faith, age, death and life; which are tackled with reverence and strong storytelling. However, no matter how …

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Callers: Life of Love

There are some albums that harken back to a specific era and sound instantly familiar despite being new. On Life of Love, Callers have created a set of songs that is reminiscent of the ‘60s soul sound. While it’s clearly indie rock music, the arrangements are sparse and delicate, …

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Roy Orbison: The Last Concert

Roy Orbison is a legend in pop music. He helped pave the way for rock n’ roll to reach the zenith of it’s popularity as well as showing pop music’s merit by writing music with complex arrangements. This album, The Last Concert, was recorded on December 4, 1988 just

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Shannon Whitworth: Americana Splendor

Americana/country chanteuse Shannon Whitworth has been making a name for herself with her smoky, sultry voice and distinct songwriting. Her new album, Water Bound, finds her really exploring her Americana and country roots, so much so that rumor has it she might try and revitalize Deadwood just before she …

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The Redemption Center: Land Of Plenty

There are bands that have a timeless quality to their music, and there are bands that are clearly tethered to a certain generation. The Redemption Center is a band that strikes a balance between the two, being both timeless and timely. The music, a mix between the jangle pop of …

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Shelby Lynne: Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire

Female singer songwriter Shelby Lynne has written another set of songs, Tears, Lies, and Alibis, that girls who play guitar and sing will cover poorly in coffeehouses across the country. Those who do the most mediocre cover but resemble Taylor Swift might even get a record deal. Catch the …

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Valkyrie: Metal Mayhem

Well versed in classic metal riffs, Valkyrie mix great guitar work with somewhat gritty vocals to create their sound. Anything from Iron Maiden guitar harmonies to Richie Blackmore riffs are played as the singer does his best Danzig impression. By performing original material they have successfully resisted the urge to …

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Cynic: Progressive Death Jazz Metal

Combining progressive metal with elements of death metal and jazz fusion, Cynic has a sound all its own. On their current tour the band hopes to draw listeners in with their hypnotic clean guitars before breaking out into metal that deserves to be moshed to. Having been around a few …

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The Avengers: Fighting Crime With Punk Rock

‘70s punk group the Avengers have reunited to tour in support of the re-release of their self-titled album. They’ll be performing cuts such as “Thin White Line” and “The American in Me” to crowds full of old punk lifers. Even though singer Penelope Houston pursued a folk career at one …

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