Animals As Leaders @ Irving Plaza

MANHATTAN, NY—Oluwatosin Ayoyinka Olumide Abasi, better known as Tosin Abasi, is a 31-year-old self-taught guitarist from Washington, D.C. He was the guitarist for the metal band PSI, based out of Silver Spring, Maryland, then in 2002 joined the politically-minded technical metalcore band Reflux, which released an album, Illusion Of Democracy

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Sick Puppies @ Irving Plaza

MANHATTAN, NY—Shimon Moore and Emma Anzai met in 1997 at their high school music room in Sydney, Australia. They began jamming on some cover songs and by the end of the week, Anzai invited Moore to start a band with her. They added a drummer, became Sick Puppies, and began …

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The Falls @ Bowery Ballroom

MANHATTAN, NY—This is not the British band known as The Fall, nor is it the Canadian band Falls. This is the Australian folk duo known as The Falls. Melinda Kirwin and Simon Rudston-Brown met at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney straight out of school. Kirwin was studying classical saxophone, …

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Nick Waterhouse @ Bowery Ballroom

MANHATTAN, NY—Nick Waterhouse was born in Santa Ana, California, and raised in Huntington Beach, California, the son of a fireman and a saleswoman. He learned to play guitar at age 12, and as a young teen gravitated to soul, blues and jazz crossover artists. While in high school, Waterhouse wrote, …

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Mike Farris @ SubCulture

MANHATTAN, NY—Mike Farris was devastated after his parents divorced when he was 11 years old. Farris began using drugs and alcohol from an early age, a lifestyle that landed him in reform school. He nearly died from an accidental overdose before he was 21 years old. Maybe this was his …

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H.R. @ The Studio At Webster Hall

MANHATTAN, NY—Bad Brains was the granddaddy of the afro-punk movement. The four-piece band from Washington, D.C. started as a jazz fusion band, but then joined the punk rock movement in the late 1970s. Once exposed to reggae music, the group incorporated this music in the set as well. By the …

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Bear’s Den @ Mercury Lounge

MANHATTAN, NY—Bear’s Den is Andrew Davie, Kevin Jones and Joey Haynes, a trio of multi-instrumentalists that formed in the neo-Americana-style folk scene brewing in London, England. Jones was in a band called Hot Rocket with Ben Lovett (later of Mumford & Sons), and together Jones and Lovett launched the Communion …

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Richie Ramone @ The Bowery Electric

EAST VILLAGE, NY—Richard Reinhardt is best known as Richie Ramone, the drummer for the Ramones from 1982 to 1987. During those years, he also performed as Richard Beau on albums by Velveteen and Fred Schneider. He then disappeared from the music scene. 20 years later, he debuted a classical composition …

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The Grahams @ Chez Andre

EAST VILLAGE, NY—Alyssa Altschul and Doug Graham met in grade school in a small town north of New York City. As teenagers, the two celebrated their love for American roots music by singing and strumming guitars by many upstate mountainside campfires. The duo founded an Ithaca-based six-piece psychedelic rock band …

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Moonspell @ Gramercy Theatre

MANHATTAN, NY—Heavy metal band Moonspell formed in 1989 in Lisbon, Portugal, originally known as Morbid God. The group renamed itself Moonspell in 1992. Moonspell released its first EP in 1994, a year before the release of its debut album. Through its early years, the band moved from folk-tinged black metal …

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