Reality Check: Reader Responses

Mr. Campion,

Another in an impressive collection of your very serious and probing insights into the United States endless post-9/11 war plans, much of which has led, as you astutely point out, into a kind of boredom, or a sense that, with the banality of constancy, there will be someone …

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MOSQUES, SLEVIN, NEWT & THE NAZI POPE How Drilling Into One’s Skull Can Cease Religious Extremism

I am more than distracted this week. It appears I’ll have to deal with another shift at the top of this magazine. Change has never been my strong suit. The details of Master Patrick Slevin’s exit are murky, and from my brief conversation with him this week I can tell …

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Victory For Liberty & Justice For All: How The Fight For Gay Marriage Remains Alive & Well

“Tradition alone cannot form a rational basis for a law.”

—Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker upon overturning California’s Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage unconstitutional

God bless America.

It is the greatest nation on the planet, for its governed by the rule of law and not that of majority …

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Happy Birthday Dr. Thompson: In Praise of “Animals, Whores & Dialogue”

In my situation, and I believe this is really the key to what I’ve done all my life; I’ve been extremely aware of not being taken into the system.

Hunter S. Thompson, Animals, Whores & Dialogue

The Outlaw Journalist sits restively at his writer’s throne; an unassuming swivel chair …

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George M. Steinbrenner: 1930-2010

Winning first, breathing second.
-George M. Steinbrenner III

Exaggerated rumors of NY Yankees principle owner George Steinbrenner’s demise abound. Something he has conspicuously failed to retract, due mostly to a predictably undeniable lust for power and an acute sense of timing to steal the big headline; whether it is from …

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LeBron James Plays Basketball

It is 3:25 p.m. on the eighth day of a thus-far brutally hot July in NYC, and by all accounts among many of the sporting, national and celebrity press, LeBron James is the most famous man on planet earth. The pro basketball star’s brief but much ballyhooed free agency from …

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An Evening with Dan Bern @ City Winery

NEW YORK, NY—There is the Dan Bern you must listen to; the storming riffs and tender shifts of progression that bed captivating melodies, all the better to ferry along the oddly profound witticism—a seemingly endless musical array of parody, satire and tribute. Then there is the one upon the stage, …

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G.I. Joke: U.S. Military’s Revolving Generals & Endless Campaigns of Chaos

New commander-in-chief, same old crap; the United States Armed Forces is in chaos.

Already recovering from decades of abysmal derailments and disasters in Korea and Viet Nam to ill-fated underground black-ops from Cuba to Nicaragua to Beirut, and the latest nonsense begun by the dumbly-fabricated braggadocio of Desert Storm and …

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Exit Stage Left: Obama at Crossroads with Progressives

What the battle over national health care could only portend has now come into glaring reality in the wake of the BP Oil Gusher, which is well into month two and showing no signs of slowing. It is official; the president of the United States has lost the Left.

All …

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An Open Letter To British Petroleum

To Whatever Incompetent Asshole It May Concern,

Jesus Bar-Hopping Christ, what the fuck is going on?

Plug the fucking hole already.

This is beyond irresponsible corporate shenanigans now. Sure it’s criminal, but I don’t give a shit about criminal. I expect most of you oil skags to rape land, price …

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