Shoreworld: The Weeklings – Monophonic

When I first heard the name, I felt it was a minus to any talent that this band might possess. Thankfully, the name is spelled The Weeklings instead of The Weaklings. The name doesn’t make any sense to me, but nonetheless the band is extremely talented. The band tells us …

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Shoreworld: Zombie Garden Club

Led by the Toronto-born Johnny Douglas, Zombie Garden Club has had many successes when it comes to song placement. Numerous songs from this latest self-titled disc have found homes with Showtime’s Shameless, as well as other popular TV shows such as Necessary Roughness, Blue Mountain State, The

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Shoreworld: Williams Honor – Jersey-Born Country Gone Nashville

After a 15-month timeline, Williams Honor has released their debut record. Performing up and down the coast, they honed their 11-song recorded set until they felt it was ready to go. But they didn’t just decide on the songs all by their lonesome. The material was gauged throughout live performances …

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Shoreworld: The Easy Outs – Desolate Row

In 2008, vocalist/songwriter Bruce Ferguson and guitarist/producer/songwriter Bobby Kennedy started writing and recording songs together for a project that would evolve into the formation of The Easy Outs. The duo got to work writing and recording in late 2008 and finished in early 2009.

Six months in the making, with …

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Shoreworld: Thomas Wesley Stern – Never Leaving

Thomas Wesley Stern is a band that I’ve discussed here in the past, and I’m always happy to give them ink with each new project they come up with. This latest release is no exception. Recorded at Lakehouse Music under the expertise of Erik Romero, Never Leaving features 11 diverse …

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Shoreworld: The Cynz – Superfan

The Cynz are a full-throttle rock band formed around the songwriting talents of Cyndi Dawson (vocals) and Henry Seiz (guitar/vox). The band has been called “the closest thing to the 1970s CBGB’s you will get from a band that formed in 2011.” Their songs are hard-rocking tales of pain, heartbreak, …

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Shoreworld: Black Flamingos; The Battery Electric

Black Flamingos – Self-Titled – Little Dickman Records

There are only a handful of successful instrumental bands that I know of in the area. The number one group that comes to mind is Chemtrail. Instrumental music is not an easy undertaking in a scene that produces so many talented alternatives, …

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Shoreworld: Jack Brag – Kiss At Midnight; 9/11 Tribute Concert

Jack Brag – Kiss At Midnight

Original scene veterans Jack Brag are back with another intricate look into the creative minds of their collective. Featuring Jack Brag regulars Tony Donato on bass, pianist Jim Robertazzi and cellist Jay Varga, the band also introduces the talents of new guitarist Dave Falcone. …

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Shoreworld: Keith Kenny – Live At John And Peter’s

Keith Kenny is back with nine songs recorded live at John And Peter’s in New Hope, PA. Distributed by Hit Play Records (a subsidiary of Sony Music), Keith takes the listener on a wild ride through stylistic and musically diverse selections of life. Kenny has quite the reputation as a …

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Shoreworld: The Grip Weeds – How I Won The War

If the title of The Grip Weeds’ new record seems oddly familiar, it’s because some of us crazies know about the 1967 John Lennon movie of the very same name. What it doesn’t tell you is that when it comes to identity, the band’s bizarre moniker pays acute homage to …

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