Shoreworld: Boyd USA; TechTestFour

Boyd USA – 7:am

I met Sal Boyd a few times and remember a seasoned demeanor and a knowledgeable musician who held his own when it came to talking music with jaded guys like me. So I was unquestionably acceptable when I was asked to attend a show at The …

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Shoreworld: The Polar Plunge; Seaside’s Miss Polar Pageant; Couch By Couchwest

Seaside Heights And The Polar Plunge – Freezin’ For A Good Reason

Every winter people all across the country partake in one of the most bizarre traditions known to mankind. It’s been called many things, but around here, we know it as the Polar Plunge. Yes, people travel from all …

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Thomas Wesley Stern @ Berkeley Bar

On Friday, February 21st, Thomas Wesley Stern will be sharing the Asbury Park Yacht Club stage with Belmar’s ambassadors of “aggressive folk rock,” Ed Tang & The Chops. With the energy of The Gaslight Anthem and the authenticity of The Pogues, Ed Tang & The Chops have a rawness and …

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Shoreworld: The Porchistas – Live Imperfections, Perfectly

From the first notes chopped and shoveled on the Asbury Lanes stage, I knew that this was a band that catapults honest musical barbs straight through the analog soul. Comprised of Adam “Devil Hands” Falzer, bassist/producer Gerry Griffin, drummer Jonathan Riordan and guitarist/singer Alan “Sucia” Smith, The Porchistas barrel down …

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Shoreworld: Tara Elliott And The Red Velvets – Drop A Needle On The King

Tara Elliott is a singer that doesn’t just walk into a room. Elliott explodes into it, letting you know in no uncertain terms that it’s her brand that you should be paying attention to. It’s not uncommon to watch Elliott outcuss and outdrink most men, and her penchant for over-the-top …

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Shoreworld: Fourth Edition Of The Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore

Jean Mikle and Stan Goldstein are back with their latest in an open-ended series of musical and historic timelines that took place here on the New Jersey waterfront region.

A number of books have been written about the escapades of Bruce Springsteen and his brethren, but Goldstein and Mikle have …

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Shoreworld: Light Of Day’s Salute To The Asbury Angels

As I look back over the years and think about the individuals that paved the way for New Jersey musicians and fans, multiple memories come rolling in. I fondly recall the opportunities I had to meet and associate with guys like Emmy Award-winning songwriter Billy Chinook, a phenomenal guitarist and …

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Shoreworld: Accidental Seabirds – The Greenpoint Spill

Whenever I hear recording titles that release clues to the artist’s deep-seated individuality, I tend to enjoy finding the parallels that tie meaning to the music. Accidental Seabirds are a viable mystery that link body of work to composer history and background. Their new recording, The Greenpoint Spill, is …

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Shoreworld: Karen Phillips – Coming Home

This is the first day of 2014, and what better way to chime in the New Year than with a new musical discovery? Spring Lake, NJ resident and schoolteacher Karen Phillips fits that bill in a very pleasant way.

Coming Home is a 10-song endeavor of rather large proportions. Phillips’ …

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Shoreworld: Lords Of Mercy’s New Album; Nick Clemons III Continues The Legend

Lords Of Mercy – Hard Rock Sentries Pave The Way In The Garden State

Lords Of Mercy might be in the fledgling stage (they formed as a band in 2011), but their experience and history go back years with their involvement in the North Jersey music scene. Several members are …

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