Shoreworld: Peter Prasa – Poets & Heroes

If you asked Peter Prasa about his place in the world, he’d probably say he wasn’t born for these times. But everyone he’s touched is grateful for his experienced life views and his musical works. Peter Prasa is a singer-songwriter that plays all the instruments in the studio. And while …

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Shoreworld: Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son – Shot In The Dark

Bobby Mahoney has always been a favorite of mine. His mixed use of modern rock and traditional sound has been a winner since day one. Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son is a hard rock/punk band from New Jersey, who utilizes killer guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and insightful lyrics in …

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Shoreworld: D.B. Calla & The Forget-Me-Nots

D.B. Calla hails from Toms River, NJ and is probably best known as a vocalist in the Toms River band EOS. She also served time in Blondsense and Ninth Infantry, two other Tri-State bands that have done quite well in the current decade. D.B. Calla has a sound reminiscent of …

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Shoreworld: Asbury Park Music & Film Festival – April 20-23

As the weather gets warmer in New Jersey, festivals start appearing in the Garden State. From music to art and film, festivals are the Jersey Shore mainstay once the snow goes away. And one of the fastest growing festivals is at the door now.

The 2017 Asbury Park Music & …

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Shoreworld: Bruce Tunkel – Bittersweet


I’ve known of Bruce Tunkel for decades. The main reason I know him was for his role as the lead man for the Red Bank group The Red House. This New Jersey quartet was led by lead singer (talked about here) Bruce Tunkel (who also played guitar …

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Shoreworld: Them Vibes – Electric Fever

This next Shoreworld act is part Nashville, part New Jersey. Co-founder Brother Love hooked up with my good friend Sarah Tomek and eventually married her. But before they were a couple, Brother Love and Sarah Tomek were hard at work making names for themselves on the scene and the national …

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Shoreworld: Kenny Dubman – Reckless Abandon

I first saw Kenny Dubman years ago on the circuit when he was with the Jersey hard rock band Prophet. And while I never knew him personally, his guitar playing was something we all knew well. Fast forward a few decades, and I was at Langosta to see my good …

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Shoreworld: The Hesh Inc. Soul In Exile-3: Love Runs Aground

Hesh has been around for many years. When it comes to original music in New Jersey, I can remember as far back as the early ’90s seeing him perform in bars with piano and voice to many approving fans. When you talk to him about his past, his simple answer …

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Shoreworld: The Gray Vines – The Gray Vines EP

The Gray Vines are a New Jersey-based duo who have been described as “embracing the strange” and are putting their post-modern spin on ’90s rock ‘n’ roll.

Jake Hoffman and Jill Deegan met in a Philly alleyway after attending the Post Pop Depression Tour. Deegan, desperate to escape a drink …

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Shoreworld: The Susan Rumors

The Susan Rumors was conceived in the back room at the Dragonfly Music & Coffee Cafe in Somerville, NJ by Joe Furnari, Mark Nuzzi and Bruce Tunkel.

Back in the 1980s, Bruce was a member of The Red House, and Mark and Joe were members of Soul Engines, both legendary …

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