Shoreworld: Corey Wagar @ The Stone Pony, Dec. 30th

Heading down a completely different path usually ends up being the most rewarding. It takes perseverance, courage and some vision to know what you’re looking for and move past the pressures of conformity while managing not to get too lost along the way. But once your path broadens and becomes …

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Shoreworld: Horse Feathers And Animal Crackers – A Tribute To Queen – Main Main Records

Ice cream mogul Burt Robbins of Baskin Robbins fame once said of their 33 flavors of ice cream, “Not everyone likes all our flavors, but each flavor is someone’s favorite.”

And that’s a pretty good analogy to scoop on top of New Jersey independent label Main Man Records. Their 33 …

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Shoreworld: Laura Crisci: All Is Well

Nashville transplant Laura Crisci found out like so many others that having to shut one door can mysteriously lead to opening another one down the road, and like the prodigal daughter, she packed up and returned to her home state of New Jersey and the reality of responsibilities. “Things were …

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Shoreworld: Grand Alto, Captain James And The Pain, and NJ Jazz

Grand Alto—The Saint—Dec. 18, 2009—LIVE!

Three-piece powerhouse Grand Alto doesn’t waste time when it comes to making their musical point. There’s no extra baggage to toss from this stripped down rock and roll presentation as they go through a cool cross blend of bands like The Who, Pavement and The …

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Shoreworld: Abbey Gardner and Anthony daCosta @ Rosie’s Cafe

The house concert got its true start in rural areas where there just wasn’t much else to do except gather at the homestead and make some sort of ruckus. Back in the golden days when PlayStation didn’t exist, people just had to make due with conversation and six-string shenanigans. And …

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Shoreworld: Old Man Rafferty’s “Shore’s Up”, Starcode, and The Independent Music Awards

Old Man Rafferty’s “Shore’s Up” Cookman Avenue’s Music Scene

If there’s one joint I’ve always talked up on Cookman Avenue it’s Old Man Rafferty’s. Classy but accessible, the bar sports a hi-rise circular bar and view of the street world. I always pictured this place as some distant New York …

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Shoreworld: The Long Evening – The Triumphant Return Of Keith Monacchio

The Commons’ final CD, American Ghost, was released in 2007 and was hands down one of the best discs of the year. Dark, lush and emotionally raw, it was pretty much dismissed as too depressing or morose which was not the case at all. Face it, local popularity practices …

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Shoreworld: Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band / Chris Rockwell and James Dalton

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band—Nashville, Tennessee—Sommet Center—Nov.18—LIVE!

Nashville, Tennessee, has always been a favorite destination for me. Whether I’m there slumming the honky tonks and Gruhn’s guitar shop on Broadway or visiting the world famous destinations where guys like Elvis and Johnny Cash made it happen on Music …

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Shoreworld: Paranormal Books & Curiosities, Judas Priestess, Asbury Music Awards

The Devil Went Down To Jersey: Paranormal Books & Curiosities, Asbury Park

There is one fascinating legend that turns our heads time and time again in the Garden State and that’s the Jersey Devil. The shadiness (I think it clipped my cell phone in a bar recently) and the origins …

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Shoreworld: Lazlo’s 9th Anniversary Show & Lauren Pennington

Lazlo’s Ninth Anniversary Show, Nov.7 @ Buddies Tavern, Parlin, NJ

Buddies Tavern is a cozy neighborhood bar that has an Elks Hall vibe and a super friendly staff. It’s been around since the Bailey family started it in 1952 and probably hasn’t changed much since then. The one major change …

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