Interview with April Smith: Out On The Road To Greener Pastures

April Smith and The Great Picture Show is a band that has paid their dues. This Toms River girl started out playing anything and everywhere she could and with the band created their own distinct sound, which culminated with the highly acclaimed Loveletterbombs of 2006. Since then April and the …

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Shoreworld: George Wirth And Friends, The Milwaukees, Rick Barry, Mr. Brownstone, Leaving Sideways

Rosie’s Cafe Concerts & LA East Productions Present George Wirth And Friends—LIVE! Jan. 18 At The Atonement Church Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Brenda Wirth’s Sunday shows at the Church in Asbury are special to behold for many reasons. The most important is the people that come. You can’t find a …

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Shoreworld: Pony Back In Business, Keith Monacchio, and Winter Hours Tribute

Asbury Park’s Double Header—The Stone Pony—Back In Business And O’Tooles Introduces The Monday Night Live Series

I’m glad to announce that the Stone Pony is open for business and better than ever. Sporting big new lighting rigs, new floors and beautiful high ceilings, the Pony proves that’s its talent for …

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Shoreworld: Exit 102: The Movie: Cars, Bars And Movie Stars

Several films and television shows have been filmed in New Jersey. City By The Sea starring Robert DeNiro and Frances McDormand was probably one of the best-known films to be shot in the Asbury Park area. And while the movie was pretty much a dud, the location was a natural. …

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Interview: Why Val Emmich Went Indie And Loved It

I learned many things I never knew about while researching Val Emmich for this interview and I tip my hat with respect to a guy who has weathered some tumultuous storms and managed to right himself with his belief in his music. I discovered an artist who displays a strong …

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