Sam Bisbee: Buzz Buzz Buzz

Sporting aviator sunglasses and a handsomely disheveled three-piece suit, Sam Bisbee looks like Elvis Costello disguised as the annoying jock kid that beat me up in middle school. His angelic voice and lush melodies, however, are less The Attractions and more Belle & Sebastian. One listen at The Living Room

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Mr. Oizo: Lambs Anger

Mr. Oizo, a lovely gentleman from France whose name is a corruption of the French word for “birds,” is the latest in a long line of French house and disco producers who rework electronica with distorted samples and hard-rock rhythms. Oiso, however, sets himself apart nicely on Lambs Anger, …

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The Music Lovers: Masculine Feminine

It’s always nice when bands look abroad for inspiration—there’s only so much to discover here in the States, and the vast majority of it has already been beaten to death several times over. San Francisco’s Music Lovers, true to their pretentious name, have a list of favorite artists that reads …

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In Ribbons: Mr. A And Mrs. B

In the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Decemberists, In Ribbons pairs rich, chorused acoustic sounds with a shrill and wavering voice that narrates for us sad stories about people who do stupid things because of love. Now that it’s become so much of a stereotype, it sounded to …

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The New Odds: Cheerleader

Dormant for almost a decade, The New Odds re-emerged this summer like a phoenix from the ashes of a forest fire in the Canadian Rockies. With a new album and a spot on tour with the Barenaked Ladies, The New Odds may seem like a completely unnecessary throwback to the …

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Goblin Cock: Come With Me If You Want To Live!

With a picture of a muscled and blood-spattered goblin on its cover, Goblin Cock’s sophomore album exudes tongue-in-cheek homoerotic imagery. The brainchild of Rob Crow, a musical mastermind who morphs between genres with the frequency most people change shirts, Come With Me If You Want To Live! is possibly the …

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Conifer: Crown Fire

Portland, Maine’s Conifer have managed to avoid critical attention since their formation, but Crown Fire is such an artful blend of genres and moods that it’s hard not to notice. Flavors from krautrock, jazz, psychedelia, and metal are all present, and they meld into a hypnotic and powerful mix that …

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Revolting Cocks: Sex-O Olympic-O

Halfway between metal and house music, Revolting Cocks shares both genres’ preoccupation with sex and sleaze. Given Al Jourgensen’s history and love for shock, this isn’t exactly surprising. But after the abrupt dissolution of Ministry earlier this year, it seems bizarre that he wants to return to what, essentially, sounds …

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Eagles Of Death Metal: Heart On

Like Kiss and The Rolling Stones getting it on in Bizarro-World, The Eagles Of Death Metal have created something basic, sexual, and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s greasy, sleazy, leather-coated stomp and tongue-in-cheek swagger is pretty striking when compared to Queens Of The Stone Age, the more famous band of drummer …

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Bloc Party: Intimacy

Bloc Party is a band that seems to get smaller with each consecutive album. More relentless and introspective than ever before, Intimacy isn’t intimate at all, but noisy, antagonistic, and nasty—the music of frustrated people. It’s also quite a bit more complicated musically than their previous efforts, using a variety …

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