Fanfarlo: Brightest Brits

Having just released their first album, Reservoir, London-based Fanfarlo are making quite a splash in the indie world. The quintet is known for an extensive use of many instruments (trumpet, violin, mandolin) that gives their music a fresh, yet textbook indie pop sound. Basically if you like Arcade Fire, Fanfarlo …

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The Jersey Syndicate: They Love The 80’s

Although a female fronted ’80s metal band doesn’t sound like something that would be at all relevant today, The Jersey Syndicate continue to rock out like it’s 1985. They’ve opened for huge names in metal like Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister and play their first New York performance at Irving

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Black Crowes: Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson(s)

It’s back on the road again for bluesy rock band The Black Crowes. The Crowes have gone through loads of line-up changes, but brothers Chris and Rich Robinson have always been the drive behind the band’s success. Since their formation in 1984, the guys have sold over 20 million …

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Chris Ayer @ The Canal Room

NEW YORK, NY—Up-and-coming indie rocker Chris Ayer certainly was excited to have his album release party at the Canal Room in NYC on July 21. If nothing else, he made sure to convey that excitement into his bubbly performance.

The Canal Room is a cozy little bar on West Broadway …

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17 Hippies: Berlin’s Hippest

If you’re in the mood for an enormous acoustic folk band full of talented yet over-the-top European musicians, look no further than Berlin’s 17 Hippies. This band involves pretty much every instrument you can think of (minus percussion) and mixes traditional East European and French music with Western pop …

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Jeremy Davenport: Jazz And More

Having to split his time between New York and New Orleans is not slowing down highly praised NOLA jazz musician and entertainer, Jeremy Davenport at all. He has just released his fourth album, We’ll Dance ‘Til Dawn, on July 21 and will be playing the Huckleberry Bar on Grand …

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The Entrance Band: Ecstatic Meets Psychedelic

With the help of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Ecstatic Peace Records, new-comers The Entrance Band, were able take their first album, due out Sept. 1, in the direction they’d been hoping for. Essentially a psychedelic rock band, they’re attempting to bring their music to the mainstream without it …

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Amy Speace: She’s A Killer

The release of her latest album, The Killer In Me, shows that New York-based folk rocker Amy Speace has taken a dive into deeper, more emotionally-driven music. She has been quoted saying that she writes the things that she can’t say out loud. With the album now out on …

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The Donnas: From Dorky To Dangerous

In 1993, four self-proclaimed “dorky pre-teen girls” decided to play music together. Sixteen years later, the Donnas have become a legendary rock and roll powerhouse. Because they started out as a group of friends, the original line-up remains intact and the girls continually put out critically acclaimed albums. To celebrate …

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Scat Woman

She’s 22, she’s cute, and she can scat? Chelsea Palermo has used her smooth and sophisticated voice to bring jazz to a new generation. After just releasing her first album, Chelsea will be showing off the new tunes at Tim McCloones Supper Club on Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park July

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