Matchbox 20 / Alanis Morissette / Mute Math @ Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK, NY—Valentine’s Day 2008 certainly was a magical night. I had the ability to witness Matchbox Twenty light the Garden on fiyah with the warmth they have rekindled since reforming late last year. The killer support from Alanis Morissette and Mute Math—with the fact that each artist opened with …

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Twisted Sister @ Irving Plaza

NEW YORK, NY—Throughout the years, many a genre has been created, from emo (“They bitch and they moan about how life sucks sooo bad!”), to screamo, to flat out sucky, but Twisted Sister will always remain good old-fashioned rock-n-roll. Dee Snider—who crept onto the stage mirroring a maniacal Santa Claus …

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Collective Soul @ Nokia Theatre

NEW YORK, NY—Only one sentence reminded me that indeed the members of Collective Soul hail from Atlanta, Georgia, not California: “Southern gentlemen getting that Northern hospitality, man.” Though, even that remark ended with “man,” something lead singer Ed Roland says more often than not, in addition with “dude.”

Either way, …

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Haale @ Joe’s Pub

NEW YORK, NY—Bronx-born and of Persian descent, Haale listened to musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Persian singer Hayedeh a lot while growing up. She didn’t pick up a guitar until 1996, but once she did, she began to create music that fuses together both ’60s psychedelic rock and traditional Sufi, …

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Butch Walker And The Let’s Go Out Tonites @ Stone Pony / Irving Plaza

Easily one of the best performers, songwriters, and singers of our time—whose notoriety spans from performing to producing—Butch Walker has been luring audiences in for over a decade now, seeking and gaining ownership of their eyes and ears on any given night. Some call him “over-exaggerated.” I call him a …

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Rob Thomas & Jewel @ PNC Bank Arts Center

HOLMDEL, NJ—When a band can make something extraordinary out of their songs onstage and they become above and beyond their original intention, that’s an achievement. Only few bands can truly do it well. Matchbox Twenty was one of them. Rob Thomas’ solo band is filled with strong musicians, but they …

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