Austerity Measurement: Deficit Reduction, You Asked For It

Interestingly, the bitter pill of smaller government that Tea Party-leaning Americans shoved down the ballot box not two weeks ago came into the public discourse this week not from the newly elected House Of Representatives but the Democrat-led executive branch, with a laundry list of recommendations by the White House …

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Austerity Measurement: Let’s Talk About The Weather

This week’s election is being monitored with rapt fascination by pundits and talking heads for the national temperature, but one truth stands tall about mid-term elections that all the Tea Party would-be revolutionaries and Rally For Sanity would-be marchers can’t change.

They’re just not sexy. And this year, they’re downright …

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The Austerity Measurement: The Message to “Real” Americans: Vote European

Long the punching bag of conservative United States commentators, Europe’s moves over the last few weeks toward an “age of austerity” (a term which not-yet UK Prime Minister David Cameron popularized) makes the budget handwringing of the Tea Party movement appear all talk and no trousers.

Or as Americans call …

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Austerity Measurement: Chris Christie And The Coy Construction Obstruction

Chris Christie loves the attention.

And while I’m loathe to give it to him, the man just begs for it.

After years of a fuddy-duddy bearded banker whose main function in the news cycle was occasionally holding a press conference on schools and children’s healthcare who everyone threw out because …

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Austerity Measurement: Paychecks vs. Food Stamps; Or, Newt Gingrich vs. Logic

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Newt Gingrich’s political image is his transparent mischievousness. In almost any interaction, be it in Congress or in the media, his intelligence and experience is immediate. And while what’s coming out of his mouth is a matter of taste, his ability to speak intelligently …

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Sleep @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

One of the greatest photos ever taken. - Fred Pessaro, Brooklyn Vegan

BROOKLYN, NY—Much-hyped reunion shows from bands unappreciated during their time are often once-in-a-lifetime events, but in the New York area, it’s fairly common. You know, every few months. Sleep’s coming around? Must be time to change my toothbrush.…

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The Austerity Measurement: Don’t Blame The Internet, Blame The Business Model

In the last few weeks, business models appeared to shuffle away from the in-store experience and toward the Internet ever further—or the “cloud,” which is the fancy word of the day. Remember when you surfed the web? Search engines were called spiders? Or when you used Gopher?

Yeah right, no …

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Austerity Measurement: Exporting Our Imports

It is to wonder which of President Obama’s former financial advisor’s fuzzy aspiration it was to double the U.S. export market in five years. Most likely, the honor goes to the outgoing Larry Summers, but in the declining domestic marketplace, advancing exports is key.

How will America do it? Four …

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Austerity Measurement: Environmental Party In Cancun! Woooo!

If the BP oil spill did anything for economic growth, it blew the wellhead on energy advertising. Ask yourself, what energy company needs to advertise in this era of energy consolidation? Better than half the time, consumers are impotent as to what energy company they subsidize in their daily lives. …

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Austerity Measurement: New York Tobacconistas And Simulated Sovereignty

To the addicted, a deal on their drug of choice is attractive in almost any circumstance. A dedicated drinker will go out of their way to buy cases of their preferred brand at a larger outlet for a third less than it might cost to buy the six-pack down the …

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