Austerity Measurement: Tough Times For (Presidential) Libraries

How the proud library has fallen. A repository of information since antiquity, it grows more outdated by the hour, no matter how much microfiche it may store or how willing it is to lend out DVDs—the “new thing.” Storing the whole of media-based human knowledge is no longer their exclusive …

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Interview with Ween: Dean Ween Casts a Wider Net

For almost two years now, Dean Ween, aka Mickey Melchiondo, has been guiding fishing trips along the Jersey Shore and the Delaware River. You could see the business model as a Venn diagram; people who like Ween, a criminally underappreciated rock band from New Hope, PA, and people who are …

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The Austerity Measurement: Greece Defies Keynes, Keynes Laughs Last

If you thought Greece was in trouble prior to the 2010 summer of austerity, when acronymic insults like PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece & Spain—four countries that were worrying the Eurozone with high unemployment and high deficit spending) ran wild in British-dominated European economic news and the country of kalamata olives …

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Interview with Metal Mike: Halford/ Metal Mike Chlasciak

If making music for a living is a blessing, then making heavy metal music for a living is a gift from above (or below). As long as you’re into that kind of thing.

It certainly is for New Jersey’s own Metal Mike Chlasciak, the faithful axe man of Rob Halford …

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Waxeater: Sleeper

Admittedly, the first reaction to Waxeater’s Sleeper is, “Is that Anne Frank and a winged octopus on the cover?” Indeed, it is, and it gets weirder as you go inside. The second reaction is, “Jesus, this guitar tone and recording needs work.”

But believe it or not, it’s the attitude …

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Good Intentions: Five New Ones, Five Old Ones

Ever hear that everything comes in threes? Well, actually, that’s true. But there’s also a Law of Fives, but that only applies to Discordians.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I went until I hit my word count, but this edition of Good Intentions—where I plow through the CDs I’ve been …

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Interview with Tom Araya of Slayer: Worldwide Carnage

American fans have been salivating for a Slayer tour since World Painted Blood, the world’s most iconic thrash band’s most recent album, arrived in early November of last year. A tour named “American Carnage” with Megadeth and Testament was scheduled—historic, given Megadeth and Slayer hadn’t toured together in almost …

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Tom Jones: Praise & Blame

The glittery showman Tom Jones has gone at the mountain to repent for decades of excess on the gospel and blues-cover dominated Praise & Blame. Sounds a bit hard to swallow, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

It’s not as if Jones is incapable of performing this material. From Bob Dylan’s …

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‘No Wrongdoing’: The Securities and Exchange Commission Payoff Culture

In the last month or so, the Securities and Exchange Commission received almost $750 million in four settlements: $550 million from Goldman Sachs; $100 million from Dell Computer; $75 million from Citigroup; and $23 million from General Electric. Including the settlement from State Street Bank and Trust (at $300 million) …

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Floor @ Club Europa

BROOKLYN, NY—Ask a roomful of people who Floor is and they’ll think you’re either stupid or crazy. Obviously, it’s not a who, it’s a what, and you’re standing on it.

But there are those few (you know, the kind of people who don’t fill rooms) who know Floor as the …

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