Skip The Climate Bill, Go For The Renewable Energy

The recent outpouring of complaints from the climate change community is frustrating. They feel they’re losing ground—and they are—but it’s mostly their fault.

Way back in the beginning of the year, the bureaucratic nightmare that was the Copenhagen Climate Summit set back serious worldwide climate talks for at least a …

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Interview with Rob Zombie: In The Sequel, Mayhem Ensues

Few icons in hard rock and heavy metal have found success in both music and film. While maintaining a characteristic B-horror movie influence throughout his body of work, Rob Zombie’s auteur approach to both sight and sound arguably has no antecedent in the present day entertainment business.

But he still …

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Obama’s Health Care Plan; Yeah, It’s A Tax. What Did You Expect?

Looks like all the haters of “ObamaCare” were right. The bill levies a tax on people who fail to maintain “minimum essential coverage” by 2014, according to briefs filed by the Department of Justice.

Well, yeah. What did you expect? That the U.S. government would start an open-ended commitment …

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The Austerity Program: Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn

This pair of art punks convinced me with their 2007 full-length debut, Black Madonna, and Backsliders seems to be a more confident release, with a greater focus on “songs” and not instrumental bass and drum machine-driven pieces.…

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Interview with Iron Maiden: Conquered Earth; Next, The Final Frontier

The worldwide success of Iron Maiden is staggering. Never the darlings of MTV, rarely the beneficiaries of heavy radio airplay and infrequently the focus of the mainstream print press, the flag-bearers of the NWOBHM have nonetheless conquered the consciousness of heavy metal fans everywhere.

Well, almost everywhere. But that’s just …

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As Unemployment Benefits Peter Out, So Does The Recovery

Federal extensions of unemployment benefits have ended for over a million Americans since the end of May, as Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have made no progress on a further federal extension of benefits. And while lawmakers are off on vacation, another million and a half Americans will …

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Chambers: Old Love

There are some things you just can’t take away from bands who play good riffs, even if the riffs have been played before. Underlining the concept that a song like “Glamour Her” bounces along like a hardcore punk song from ’85 with a little more grit ignores the truth; songs …

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Oil Spills, Underfueled Planes, Contaminated Children’s Medication: Let’s Replace Safety Cuts With CEO Pay Cuts

That feeling you get sometimes? That we’re all screwed? Yeah, I’ve been getting that a lot lately. Fears of an apocalypse via natural disasters or divine intervention don’t even start to match up against the gross negligence and willful neglect of corporations recently.

We all know about the Deepwater Horizon …

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Do Over A Million People In New Jersey Care About Recalling Bob Menendez?

The short answer, probably not.

The long answer is the reactionary campaign, spearheaded by Branchville resident RoseAnn Salanitri, to oust Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) in a recall election has gone further than many had expected in the courts. Originally held up by the New Jersey Secretary of State as being …

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Interview with Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions: The Final Sting

To paraphrase Rudolf Schenker, rhythm guitarist and founder of German hard rockers the Scorpions, you’d always believe the band would be there. After almost 40 years, the band announced that the recently released Sting In The Tail will be their final album and following a world tour, the authors of …

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