Interview with Adrian Belew: The Guitar Man

While his name is inextricably linked to prog rock icons King Crimson since he became their frontman in the early ‘80s, Adrian Belew has a career that spans well beyond that. His resume reflects his work with some of the most respected and forward thinking bands in recent memory. Getting …

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The Racial Undertone In Talk Radio Vs. The World Cup

Almost everyone’s got a sport they dislike. Some people can’t stand tennis, others don’t like football. Hockey’s too fast, golf’s too slow. And some incredibly popular sports outside of the U.S., like cricket, are as well understood as trigonometry to most Americans.

Soccer is something of an exception. As a …

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Interview with All That Remains: Making Good

All That Remains is one of metalcore’s most heartening success stories. Something of a late bloomer in the fertile Massachusetts scene that gave birth to acts like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall, the quintet gained attention after 2004’s This Darkened Heart, but it wasn’t until 2006’s The Fall Of

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Perfect Games Don’t Need Politicians, Just Umpires. And Maybe a Couple of Cameras.

If there is one thing small government protestors such as the Tea Party Movement are right about, it’s that government gets involved in way too many things. Have you ever looked at the docket for the U.S. Congress? Most of the list is full of bills that rename post offices …

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Clutch: Live At The 9:30 / Weathermaker Music

Acting as a visual document of Clutch’s most recent holiday East Coast run, Maryland’s finest purveyors of bluesy American rock took 2009 as an opportunity to perform their 1995 self-titled album in its entirety, something that I take some responsibility for (see page two of October 2009’s Clutch feature). …

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How An Oil Spill Destroyed A Culture

Fishing and shrimping is the foundation of Cajun society. If you’ve ever been to the Louisiana delta area, you’ll know the humidity gets into everything. Your skin, your bones, your organs. It’s not farmland. It’s wetland.

And that’s the lifeblood of the area’s food culture, which has a profound influence …

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Interview with The Melvins: Talking About Their Generation

The Melvins are the quintessential quirky ‘90s band, heralded as the forebearers of grunge and their long reach of influence has extended across a dozen or so subgenres of heavy rock. Consisting mainly of guitarist and songwriter King Buzzo and drummer Dale Crover over the years, in 2006 they took …

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Rand Paul and the Vacillations of Libertarianism

Libertarianism, as far as I’ve been able to understand it, is as loose as you can be on, well, everything. Far right on economic policy—as in low government interference in business—and far left on social policy—low government interference with your person. On paper, like any stance: conservative, progressive, socialist, etc., …

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Interview with Chris Badami of Portrait Recording: Check Your Levels

Every now and again, a re-education in recording techniques is helpful, particularly ever since the bottleneck of getting into a good studio has been eliminated by fancy computers and even fancier computer programs. If you’re reading this, you know who you are, trying to record your demo on some early …

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ISIS Calls It Quits; Last Tour to be Their Final

One of post-metal’s leading men and most influential figures, ISIS, has decided to split. It appears to be amicable, but the quintet of Aaron Turner, Jeff Caxide, Michael Gallagher, Bryant Clifford Meyer and Aaron Harris are characteristically mum on any exact detail. Their various side-projects—from other musical endeavors to running …

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