Rockstar Supernova @ Spectrum

The Rockstar Supernova tour has begun and so far there is a lot of positive buzz surrounding it. The band got their singer Lukas Rossi from the television show and their opening acts were also from the show.

Fans of pop have the American Idol tour, but this tour has …

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Journey / Def Leppard @ Borgata Hotel

This tour is an interesting mix of styles and it features two bands that have been playing to millions of fans over the years— Journey and Def Leppard.

Journey have gone through some changes over the years but even more recently, lead singer Steve Augeri, who sang on the band’s …

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Green Day @ Taj Mahal

Green Day is one of the most successful Punk Rock bands of all-time and this concert shows that after 16 years they still have it. They are 100 percent pure adrenaline yet they continually thanked the crowd for showing up as if they still play in some empty concert halls.…

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Duran Duran @ Borgata Hotel

Duran Duran was a wildly popular British band of the ’80s that made danceable rock tunes that were very memorable. In the MTV era their videos were always on the cutting edge and the band was always interested in their image while maintaining substance.

Duran Duran bashers will say that …

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