In Memoriam: Adam “MCA” Yauch

Adam Yauch’s passing is a real tragedy. Who else can seamlessly stop a riveting show to quote Gandhi? Regarding the death penalty, the man known as MCA said, “An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind.” The fact remains that Adam Yauch turned the world into a …

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Your Ultimate Guide To Bamboozle 2012! (Sunday)

Action Item

Action Item is made up of Bergen County, NJ, natives Brian Cag on vocals and guitar, Anthony Li on guitar and cello, Mark Shami on piano, David Buczkowski on bass, and Dan Brozek on drums. Their debut, The World And I, came out in 2008 and through …

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Your Ultimate Guide To Bamboozle 2012! (Friday And Saturday)


Aer is the Wayland, MA, combo of David von Mering and Carter Schultz. Together, they mix smooth guitars with solid raps to make one catchy sound. For the last couple of years, they’ve been busy performing at colleges and other sold out venues all over the East Coast and …

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Interview with My Chemical Romance: “It’s Not Someone Else’s Fest. It’s Ours.”

Plucked from the midst of recording their next album, New Jersey’s own My Chemical Romance were announced last week as being the last-minute replacement for pop-punk forebears Blink-182 at this year’s Bamboozle. The two bands toured together last year, and as Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was reportedly admitted for an …

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The Top 10 Albums Of 2011, According To ‘The Aquarian Weekly’ Writers

JJ Koczan

1. YOB/Atma/Profound Lore

2. Lo-Pan/Salvador/Small Stone

3. Sungrazer/Mirador/Elektrohasch

4. Graveyard/Hisingen Blues/Nuclear Blast

5. Red Fang/Murder The Mountains/Relapse

6. Grayceon/All We Destroy/Profound Lore

7. Mars Red Sky/Mars Red Sky/Emergence

8. Hull/Beyond The Lightless Sky

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Holiday Donation Guide

Every year, all over the country, local rags get tapped to do a holiday gift guide, and it’s a sham. If you’re working for some big corporate pub, you might get a stereo or a TV or if you review computers, you get a discount on a computer, but the …

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Weird NJ: Some Weird Encounters With New Jersey’s Favorite Cryptids

New Jersey can be proud that it not only hosts the oldest and most famous legend of all time, The Jersey Devil, but its residents are also privileged to have TWO state cryptids, the second one being The Big Red Eye! So here are two real-life encounters with things that …

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Weird NJ: NJ’s First Steam Punk

Oddly enough, it is possible to pinpoint the precise origin of science-fiction novels. They began in January 1868, with a crazy invention that walked the streets of Newark, New Jersey. This was the so-called Newark Steam Man, created by an eccentric inventor named Zadoc P. Dederick, who hoped he had …

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No Label Needed: Round-Up Of Some Of The Area’s Top Unsigned Acts

Thank You Scientist

All Over New Jersey

Easily one of New Jersey’s most original collectives, Thank You Scientist gathered their members from the far reaches of the Garden State. With the standard ingredients of a rock troupe; guitar, bass, drums and vocals, Thank You Scientist augments their sound with a …

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Tattoo Tony: Beyond The Ink

“Tattoo Tony” Rodriguez, owner of Tattoo Tony’s Under My Skin, has inked droves of people from all walks of life; Bret Michaels, Geraldo Rivera and a number of WWE and ECW stars. On Feb. 9, Rodriguez will officially launch his latest project, Tattoo Tony’s Hard Iced Tea, at …

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