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North Jersey Notes: DJ Cloak And Dagger

Yes, yes, yes! I know that my column is for the local North Jersey musician looking to get some exposure for playing original music. Well, for some reason, I feel that this DJ Cloak And Dagger is a little bit o...
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North Jersey Notes: State Of Revolution

My friend Lisa, who used to book at the now defunct Dexter’s in Riverdale, NJ, recently emailed me to take a listen to one of her friend’s bands. So because I’ve known Lisa forever, I went over to State Of Revo...

Inked Out: Mean Street Tattoo

As I get to know my new neighborhood of Queens, NY, my girlfriend and I tend to take daytrips around the area just driving around aimlessly. Sometimes that’s good to help your sense of direction in unfamiliar t...
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North Jersey Notes: Only Living Boy

I was recently turned onto this band out of Hackettstown, NJ, called Only Living Boy through an email from a friend of mine. They’re a great band with some excellent songwriting skills. After listening to songs...
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North Jersey Notes: Mean Venus

My boy Adrian Freyre recently contacted me to tell me that he was playing in a new band. I’ve known Adrian since he played in the band Trimm and I’ve watched him play a few times with the band Jersey Gypsy. Adr...
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Motley Crue @ Madison Square Garden

For the average working man or woman, Mondays mean back to the daily grind after a quick weekend break. For me, this particular Monday meant that it was “Motley Monday”! Many of you who read my column every week know that I am a huge Cruehead! So, of course, it was only fitting that I accepted my invitation to attend the Motley Crue Press Conference at FUSE in the afternoon and then the Motley Crue concert at the Mecca, Madison Square Garden, later that evening.
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NJ Notes: Bearin’ Peace / Eden Star

Lately, I’ve been getting my inbox stuffed with emails from bands asking me to check them out. Sometimes, bands send me multiple emails because I don’t respond quickly enough; therefore they think that I didn’t...