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Kam On Film: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ ‘Moms’ Night Out’ and What’s New In Theaters

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony Pictures

Rated PG-13 for PG-13 for action and sci-fi violence

Your Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger Engages New Adversaries In Spine-Tingling Sequel

If the idea behind a sequel to a summer blockbuster is to up the ante in terms of bombast and intensity, then The

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Between & Beyond: Rumors Of War

There are rumblings of war on the wind. It’s Russia’s turn to be global boogeyman again, and I’m curious to see how this unfolds. I shy away from conspiracy theories these days. In the end, any theory of this kind is built on too much conjecture. You can’t claim the…

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Reality Check: No Cure For Stupid

It is time we begin to phase out the word “racist” from our vocabulary. Not expunge it in some social construct like what we so cautiously present as the “N” word now, as if an acronym can lessen its impact. What I mean is just stop giving credence to it,…

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Shoreworld: Exploring The Topical World Of Dinosaurs And Four Dollar Stolis With Dentist

Surf music has always been a curious entity in the world of popular sound. Way off to the side of the commercially acceptable ilk, this red-headed stepchild came into the world twisting and screaming. Sealed within its own embryonic cocoon of popularity, the genre formed an actual way of…

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Maria’s Local Radar: Midway Atlantic

Ah, Wednesday—my favorite day to meet and talk music with you all. The warm weather is finally starting to break, and I am coming out of my winter hibernation to get out to some cool shows. So many great things are happening, like Small Town Scoundrels opening up for…

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Out Of Bounds: Right? Wrong?

Last October, Out Of Bounds provided its projected win totals for each NBA franchise for the 2013-14 NBA regular season. In the list below, you’ll find the number of wins we thought each team would finish up with, next to the actual number of wins they had.



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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Three Out Of Four Ain’t Bad

He’s just a skinny guy with ink and a Mississippi National Steel Guitar. Brent Johnson’s aptly-named Set The World On Fire may be his debut on Canada’s Justin Time Records, but he was born in South Texas and raised in Louisiana…and it shows.

His originals have flair—especially “Long Way…

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Queued Up: ‘The Pawnbroker,’ ‘The Whip And The Body,’ ‘Hellbenders’ and Other New Releases


The buildup: Pawn shop owner Sol Nazerman (Oscar nominee Rod Steiger) is the only member of his family to have survived incarceration in a Nazi concentration camp, and 25 years after his wife’s death he struggles with flashbacks from the horrifying experience and alienates everyone around…

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Kam On Film: ‘Belle,’ ‘The M Word’ and What’s New In Theaters


Fox Searchlight Pictures

Rated PG for smoking, mature themes and ethnic insensitivity.

18th C. Biopic Revisits Life Of Ex-Slave Raised As Aristocrat

Born in theWest Indiesin 1761, Dido Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was the product of the taboo union of Mary Belle, an African slave, and John Lindsay…

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Between & Beyond: Human Nature

Last weekend, while my band was playing our favorite dive bar, just hundreds of feet away, a young man was shot to death in a different bar further up the street. Somehow, we didn’t catch word of this till the next morning. I saw the police lights flashing up the…

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