Kam On Film: ‘Fury,’ ‘Dear White People’ and What’s New In Theaters


Columbia Pictures

Rated R for sexuality, graphic violence, grisly images and pervasive profanity

Brad Pitt Stars As Confident Tank Commander In WWII Battle Flick

It is April of 1945, and the Allies are making major inroads across the European theater. However, Adolf Hitler has responded to the attrition in …

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Reality Check: Rob Astorino Unplugged

A Candid Discussion With The Republican Candidate For Governor Of New York


Anyone who has read this space over the years knows about my friendship with gubernatorial candidate for New York, Rob Astorino. We were professional colleagues for 12 years and our families have been close for 25. I …

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Everynight Charley’s Manhattan Beat: September 10 – September 15

Cymbals Eat Guitars/Bowery Ballroom/September 10, 2014

The year after graduating high school in New Jersey in 2006, guitarist Joseph D’Agostino was making music in Cymbals Eat Guitars. Based out of Staten Island, New York, Cymbals Eat Guitars first gained buzz in 2009 with a self-released debut album, Why There Are

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Shoreworld: Chris Pope; Fourth Annual Sarcoidosis Awareness Fundraiser

Chris Pope – London Town Throws Down

When I think of the explosive times of late ’70s, early ’80s punk, I can’t help but think of bands such as The Insults, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks and the UK Subs just to name a select few. In today’s world of cookie-cutter …

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Natural-Born Beauties

Only Worn One Time (Mesa/Bluemoon) by singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor & Friends is a beautifully crafted 11-track credo of personal proportions. She writes from the heart. Filled with provocative imagery, universal sentiment and hopeful (yet oftentimes sad) story-songs, her folksy Americana comes to the fore with the help of some master …

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Maria’s Local Radar: Back And Forth

Mid-week, glass half full, which means the week is almost done! The weekend is right around the corner and it’s time to start making some plans to get out and see some local shows. I saw a lot will be happening, so please keep sharing your shows with me. I …

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Power Up: ‘Call Of Duty,’ ‘The Evil Within,’ ‘Just Dance 2015′ and More

Television’s fall season got underway and the NFL continued to vehemently tarnish their brand and scramble to recover in September while Destiny players run wild across the solar system.

In addition to Destiny, Shadow Of Mordor and Forza Horizon 2 turned out to be stellar games to enjoy, and …

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Kam On Film: ‘Kill The Messenger,’ ‘One Chance’ and What’s New In Theaters

Kill The Messenger

Focus Features

Rated R for profanity and drug use

Jeremy Renner Riveting In True Tale As Intrepid Investigative Journalist

In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News published an eye-opening exposé detailing exactly how the Central Intelligence Agency had orchestrated the importation of crack cocaine from …

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Between & Beyond: Consumer Power

We all have heard someone reference the definition of insanity at this point, so much so it has become an adage of sorts: the whole idea of doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Yet, we continue. It’s no secret that the majority of Americans has …

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Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

So much liberal handwringing in such a short space. (FEARGUSON – Issue: 8/27/14) So Ferguson is because of something 50 years ago, half a continent away? Nice, good to know. So when do we march for the thousands of African Americans killed in black on black crime or do those …

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