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Queued Up: Theatreland, Barbary Coast, Nurse 3D and More


The buildup: Before famed thespians Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen (whom you may know as Professor X and Magneto, respectively) performed Waiting For Godot and No Man's Land in repertory on Broadway last year, they brought Godot to audiences in London's West End in 2009. This documentary…

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Kam On Film: 'Think Like A Man Too,' 'All Cheerleaders Die' and What's New In Theaters

Think Like A Man Too

Screen Gems

Rated PG-13 for profanity, drug use, crude humor, sexual references and partial nudity

Las Vegas Serves As Backdrop For Battle-Of-The-Sexes Sequel

The surprise hit Think Like A Man was number one at the box office over its opening weekend back in…

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Reality Check: Time Warp - The Never-Ending Fancy Shit Show That Is Iraq

I leave the country for seven days and end up in a fucking time warp?

Or did I misread this latest madness on getting “involved” with Iraq again, as if that is an option. Let’s face the hideous fact that this has been an abject clusterfuck since we recognized Iraq…

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Shoreworld: Chris Brown - Anchor

Asbury Park’s Chris Brown is responsible for much more than slinging drinks down at the fabled Bond Street Bar. A former math instructor at St. John’s Prep, the Monmouth County native is also a volunteer fireman serving the Allenhurst area. And if that isn’t enough, he’s a full-time musician…

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Maria's Local Radar: Nude Dudes

Wednesday is once again upon us, and it's time to chat about all that is hot in the local music scene. I have been to some killer shows in the past few weeks, each band getting better and better. Of course, I have checked out a bunch of national…

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Out Of Bounds: Touch 'Em All

With the World Cup, NBA Finals, U.S. Open, French Open, Stanley Cup final and more taking place over the last two weeks, there's certainly a lot to talk about. In addition, history was made in Major League Baseball, a UFC champ dominated once again and a four-time Super Bowl-winning…

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Rant 'N' Roll: The Man

Musikfest Café, Bethlehem, PA—He came out of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra in 1980 as part of a duo with Donald Harrison, two young lions harkening back to bop as part of a “New Traditionalist” movement in 1984 with their New York Second Line album. 31 albums later, I can’t…

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Kam On Film: 'Jersey Boys,' 'The Life And Crimes Of Doris Payne' and What's New In Theaters

Jersey Boys

Warner Brothers

Rated R for pervasive profanity

Clint Eastwood Turns Tony-Winning Play Into Scintillating Spectacular

Francesco Castelluccio (John Lloyd Young) was born on the wrong side of the tracks of Newark, New Jersey, where he was raised in a public housing project controlled by the mob. As…

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Between & Beyond: Comedy

It takes something really special for me to break my pop culture celibacy. I don’t mean to be that much of a snob, but I just am almost always deeply uninspired by what is offered. I’ve always been picky about music and even literature too, and I guess I come…

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Reality Check: Readers' Responses

Ahhh…back to political analysis this week, Mr. Campion—where you belong. (DESPERATE DEMOCRATS LOWBALL STRATEGY 2014—Issue: 4/23/14) The Democrats are indeed on the run and it looks to be a slaughterhouse, unless the Republicans elect more TEA Party dipshits then it’s anybody’s game and that would leave the Senate in the…

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