Maria's Local Radar: Hodera

First off, I have to start off by saying, is it really mid-July already? Why do the months that I cherish always fly by so quickly? When I start seeing winter clothes in the stores, it’s really going to hit home. Thank goodness for shows and long summer nights…

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Rant 'N' Roll: Mid-Year 2014 Top 10 Considerations

Colleen Rennison, 25, knows a good song when she hears it. The sultry Canadian—when she’s not acting—is singing…and it may be time to give up her day job. There’s something about her voice that only the greats have. Piaf. Lady Day. Ronstadt. You can’t exactly put your finger on…

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Kam on Film: 'Wish I Was Here,' 'America - Imagine The World Without Her' and What's New In Theaters

Wish I Was Here

Focus Features

Rated R for language and some sexual content

Zach Braff Stars In Delightful, Dysfunctional Family Dramedy

As an actor, Zach Braff is most closely associated with the character J.D. from Scrubs, the Emmy-winning sitcom which enjoyed a nine-year run on network television…

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Between & Beyond: Domestic Imperialism

Bouncing around YouTube in boredom, I stumbled upon a documentary about Aboriginal Australians. I thought it was going to be about their cultural history, but instead, much to my shock and dismay, it focused on what is known as the Northern Territory National Emergency Response, or commonly referred to as…

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Shoreworld: The Dawn Drapes - She

New Jersey is home to many out-of-state musical refugees, playing host to an extensive array of stylists, sounds and influential nuances and incorporating those artists into the growing power of our East Coast presence.

The Dawn Drapes are yet another distant cousin intent on utilizing New Jersey’s musical reputation.…

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Everynight Charley's Manhattan Beat: June 15 - June 21

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult/Santos Party House/June 15, 2014

Frankie Nardiello met Marston Daley in 1987 in a bar in Chicago, Illinois. They bonded over a shared love of tabloid tales of sex, kitschy horror and exploitation films. Nardiello and Daley conceived a shocking, lurid and trashy…

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Rant 'N' Roll: Hard Rock, Jazz, Worldbeat, Blues & Americana

The only album of The Marcus Hook Roll Band of Australia—Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy—has finally been released stateside by Parlophone 41 years after the fact. There never was anyone named Marcus Hook. To think that if these drunken teenagers ever took themselves seriously enough in 1973 to promote the…

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Maria's Local Radar: Dirty Fences

Wednesday is once again upon us, and it’s time to jam. I’ve been spotlighting everything from solo artists to bands that have resurrected from the local grave, since the goal is to keep it as diverse and fresh as possible. Just to throw some ammunition at you to get…

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Kam On Film: 'Tammy,' 'School Dance' and What's New In Theaters


Warner Brothers

Rated R for profanity and sexual references

McCarthy & Sarandon Crisscross The Country In Raunchy Road Comedy

Melissa McCarthy was apparently able to write her own ticket after winning an Emmy for her TV sitcom Mike & Molly in 2011 and landing an Oscar nomination for…

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Between & Beyond: Media

With Iraq in the news again, I feel compelled to write something but I stand at a loss. It all feels like such a bitter regurgitation. There’s no way the war could be any more of a failure, nor any more of a crime. What there could be more of…

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