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Ed Tang And The Chops: Americana Gone Wild

Grainy, fast-moving images of dusty faith healers spitting brimstone sanctification fill the speakers as Ed Tang and his fellow bandmates gallop in on their brand new eponymous release, Ed Tang And The Chops.

Ed Tang has always impressed me with his candid ability to deliver without shrouded melodrama or…

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Out Of Bounds: World Cup 2014

The World Cup—undoubtedly the most-watched event on Earth and a phenomenal spectacle to enjoy for a solid month—kicks off tomorrow from Sao Paolo, Brazil, and runs through mid-July. 12 cities will host the quadrennial tournament, with the winning team receiving $35 million and bragging rights for the next few…

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Rant 'N' Roll: Jazz Festival

Arguably the greatest jazz album of 2011 was When The Heart Emerges Glistening, a masterful debut from composer/trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, born and raised in Oakland, California. It had everything and was everything jazz is supposed to evolve into. For his follow-up, this winner of the prestigious 2007 Thelonious Monk…

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Maria's Local Radar: TV Tramps

It’s about that time of week that we talk everything that is HOT on the scene. I have been hearing some new music from a ton of different bands, all in different genres, and it’s getting me very excited for what the summer has in store. It’s nice to…

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Kam On Film: '22 Jump Street,' 'Edge Of Tomorrow' and What's New In Theaters

22 Jump Street

Columbia Pictures

Rated R for sexuality, violence, drug use, brief nudity and pervasive profanity

Tatum and Hill Generate Chemistry Again In Hilarious College Campus Adventure

When we last saw LAPD Officers Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum), the partners were handed new identities…

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Between & Beyond: Humanism

As I write this, news is breaking of Alexander Shulgin’s death. What’s most depressing is that you might not know who he is. His work has made a huge impact on the world, and if the world was a better place, it could have made more of an impact.


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Reality Check: Open Letter To My Wife III

In Which We Discover Your True Grit After 15 Years Married To The Author        


Me, I always have you there.

Yours for the whole life.

—Arthur Rimbaud


Once again, as has been my feckless duty for the previous two public floggings—first on the occasion of our…

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Shoreworld: Emily Grove - The Life Of A Commoner

Emily Grove reminds me of a line in The Devil’s Advocate when our lord Al Pacino says, “I’m a surprise, Kevin. They don’t see me coming: and that’s what you’re missing.” That’s the impression you’ll get when you discover a performance from this dark, brooding Berklee-schooled prodigy.

Emily Grove…

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Maria's Local Radar: Monterey

There is something about the summertime that just speaks local music. You don’t feel as guilty staying out a little later on a work night to catch your favorite act, and you don’t mind trying out new venues because you don’t have to tread in the snow to get…

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Out Of Bounds: Championship Week

Serving up a double dose of entertainment, this week we get to see two of America's top four major sports leagues come to an end. For the National Hockey League, the Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight, in which the New York Rangers take on the Los Angeles Kings. In…

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