Shoreworld: Kevin John Allen And Friends – The Long Road Of Life

New Jersey songwriter Kevin John Allen continues his musical journey with the release of The Long Road Of Life. Out on the highway, playing bars, theaters, state fairs and just about any other venue that will have him, Allen has always kept one true goal in mind, and that …

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Everynight Charley’s Manhattan Beat: September 3 – September 6

Ada Pasternak/The Bitter End/September 3, 2014

Ada Pasternak was born in Moscow and in 1996, at the age of six, immigrated with her family to Fairfield, Connecticut. Pasternak began studying violin with her aunt, New York Philharmonic violinist Asya Meshberg, and continued her studies with Albert Markov at the Manhattan …

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Maria’s Local Radar: The Sunday Blues

It’s about that time to chat local music, are you ready? Fall is in full form and I love every minute of it. There is something about local summer that is just so appealing; maybe it’s the fact that I can actually find parking, or the fact that I don’t …

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Kam on Film: ‘Believe Me,’ ‘Plastic’ and What’s New In Theaters

Believe Me

Headline Features / Gravitas Features

Rated PG-13 for profanity

Collegians Form Fake Charity To Fleece Gullible Christians In Faith-Based Morality Play

Even though I was raised in the church and attended services religiously as a child, I was simultaneously warned by my skeptical grandmother that sometimes, “The …

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Rantin’ N’ A’ Rollin’ At The Big Rock Show

ALLENTOWN, PA—The Eagles might have christened the brand spankin’ new PPL Arena but Steve Winwood and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers broke the place in and tore the cover off the ball (to use a beloved baseball analogy). Y’know how when you go to see a favorite band, you usually …

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Between & Beyond: The Perishing Republic

Robinson Jeffers’ poem “Shine, Perishing Republic” is entirely badass and entirely relevant here and now 89 years later. It was written in 1925, in the breath between World War I and World War II. I often search for the moment that America turned a corner. Was it in the in …

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Reality Check: #2

Derek Jeter changed everything.

This is why the New York Yankees shortstop for the past 19 years and the team’s 14th captain for the past 11 is more than a ballplayer; a rarity that some sports figures get to be—not unlike the rare political figure, movie star or musician—an icon. …

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The Aquarian Weekly’s 2014 Fall Concert Guide

As the leaves turn colors and we reintroduce layers to our wardrobe, many of our favorite musicians get ready for a new touring season. Thanks to the New Jersey and New York area being an essential tour staple, we are guaranteed a phenomenal range of concerts to attend in Fall …

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Shoreworld: Karen Mansfield – On Her Way To A Sunny Day Destiny

OK, I’m going to come out and say it: I am glad summer is over. I can now rejoice, safe in the knowledge that I will get a welcome break from Facebook posts crowing about how wonderful it feels to have unlimited free time to lounge on the beach as …

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Everynight Charley’s Manhattan Beat: August 28 – August 31

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens/Bowery Ballroom/August 28, 2014

As a child, Naomi Shelton sang with her sisters at church services in Midway, Alabama. As an adult, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, and became a self-employed apartment cleaner and organizer, but never stopped singing. On Saturday nights she sang …

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