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Reality Check: Bundy Ranch Solution – Free-For-All In Nevada

The key to organizing an alternative society is to organize people around what they can do, and more importantly, what they want to do.

—Abbie Hoffman



I love this blithering asshole, Cliven Bundy. He is a dumb hick bigot dipshit and he is my hero. Soon I will…

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Shoreworld: Gedeon Luke And The People – Live Free And Love

When you bring up the name Gedeon Luke to the stranger on the street, the first thing usually discussed is his role as a semifinalist on American Idol. Luke, a Memphis, Tennessee, native, is well known for the style in which he made his own way to the mega-show…

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Trans Charger Metropolis

Locals, it’s about that time we meet again to chat about everything that is going on in the local music scene. The weather has finally broken, the warmness is in the air, and people are starting to migrate out of their houses. You know what that means: Outdoor concerts…

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Out Of Bounds: UFC 172 – Jones Vs. Teixeira

With one of its biggest fight cards of the year, the Ultimate Fighting Championship heads to Baltimore, Maryland, this Saturday night for UFC 172. Headlining the event is light heavyweight champion and pound-for-pound king Jon “Bones” Jones against challenger Glover Teixeira, who hasn’t tasted defeat since 2005. The card…

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: She And Him

Levi Lowrey is “Trying Not To Die.” It’s a song from his third CD, Levi Lowrey (Southern Ground). In today’s telegenic version of what substitutes for country music, those pickers, singers and writers who would stand out in any era have a harder time getting noticed through all the…

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MedioXCore: Keep It In The Dojo, Dudebro.

What’s the fastest way to lose the interest of an entire crowd, you ask? Well. It’s probably throwing punches at people for no fucking reason, dickweed.

My boyfriend is the drummer of a well-known black metal band within the black metal/sludge /death metal/etc. scene in South Jersey and Philly. Not…

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Kam On Film: ‘Tanzania: A Journey Within,’ ‘Vanishing Pearls: The Oystermen Of Pointe A La Hache’ and What’s New In Theaters

Tanzania: A Journey Within

Heretic Films


African And American Travel To Tanzania In Transformational Documentary

After finishing high school, Venance Ndibalema made the most of an opportunity to leaveTanzaniato study physics and philosophy at theUniversityofMiami. Now, he’s ready to visit his homeland for the first time…

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Reality Check: Desperate Democrats Lowball Strategy 2014

Karl Rove once told me that the only thing that matters when you are looking at miles of bad road is what you do to shorten it. I remember he let the “shhh” just roll through his teeth; “shhhhorten it.” They were gritted like a challenged pit bull. His eyes…

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Between & Beyond: Mystics

I woke this morning to find that Michael C. Ruppert, former LAPD officer turned whistleblower and ostracized activist, had committed suicide. VICE recently published a long exposé that caught up with Mike; at least it was a catch up for me. His name had left my radar for a long…

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15 Must-Own Releases On Record Store Day 2014

April has come around again, and with it comes a much-needed surcease of the cruel winter that plagued us for so long. And Record Store Day too, for that matter. This year, the 19th is the third Saturday of the month, meaning that it’s also the day to head…

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