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Between & Beyond: True Detective

If you’ve read this column before, my contempt for television should come as no surprise. Besides it being a mouthpiece for the status quo and a tool for coercion and value-shaping, it’s just straight-up bad for art. I could never stand the cheap storytelling involved when stretching a show out…

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Deleted Scenes: The Ass The Door Hit

Cliché has it that in print, you never get a goodbye issue. I believe it’s emblematic of the exceptional nature of The Aquarian that this is my second. This paper has been and continues to be something special. I’m sorry to be leaving it.

When I came back as Managing…

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Shoreworld: Bake – Purveyors Of Reflection Fire Up The Oven On ‘The Son And The Shadow’

Bake is the family unit of Joe and Pat Baker. The exciting center of attention of these performers is that I’ve examined them as part of early Bake projects, as well as solo independents. And the main remembrance that stands out is that both are profoundly imaginative and musically…

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Out Of Bounds: 2014 MLB Preview – Part III

Wrapping up our annual three-part Major League Baseball preview, we look at the booming American and National League East. Sportsbook once again provides their estimated win totals for each ballclub, and I’ve included my projected wins as well.


Tampa Bay Rays: Despite playing in just 88 games…

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Stelladeora

Wednesday, we meet again. Yes, it’s halfway to the end of the week, and really far away from Monday, but most importantly, it’s Local Radar Day! I mean, what day isn’t great that we can chat about local music? I’ve been experiencing some really cool new music lately from…

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Stones Rolling

Longevity is a pretty damn good reason to be thought of as “The World’s Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Band,” and although I’ve heard the nay-sayers grumble their snark, how many bands can stay rockin’ in a 48-year span? The Rolling Stones Live 1965: Music From` Charlie Is My Darling’

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Kam On Film: ‘Shirin In Love,’ ‘The Single Moms Club’ and What’s New In Theaters

Shirin In Love

Sideshow Releasing


Bride-to-Be Gets Cold Feet In Cross-Cultural Comedy

Shirin (Nazanin Boniadi) has never really found the courage to pursue her own dreams. For example, after graduating from college and law school, instead of going into practice, she moved back home and began…

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MEDIOxCORE: Playing Safe…

They May Not Seem Terribly Important, But Taking These Things On Tour With You Could Potentially Spare You A Lotta Bullshit. Take Notes. You’re Welcome.


Every few months it seems like one friends’ band or another is super stoked to head out on the road for tour and then…

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Between & Beyond: Gender

I drive an hour to work so I listen to a lot of radio. Recently, on the local NPR affiliate, I heard an interview with a mother who had been raising her son and allowing him to navigate his own gender identity without obstruction. He mostly gravitated to girls’ toys…

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Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

Okay, I get it. Christie fucked up. (LAST CHANCE POWER DRIVE – Issue: 1/5/14) But enough already with these obsessions. The Left got on the Right for obsessing on Benghazi and now this? It is getting ridiculous. The man stood up and took the heat. He said he didn’t know…

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