Good Intentions: Everybody On The Pile

Obscure South Park references aside, I’ve got to get back to the ever-growing pile that’s on my desk. And that’s a pile of CDs, thank you very much. A reminder for those just getting here: this is a warts-and-all rundown of the CDs that make it on my desk that, …

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Obama’s Safety Net Is… War?

Less than a week after signing into law one of the most contentious pieces of legislation in American history—government mandated insurance for all Americans—President Barack Obama quickly ran to political safety: Afghanistan.

It was a stroke of cunning to move the national dialogue away from endless news articles, speculative blog …

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Ten Lies About Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform is a government take-over of the entire health industry.

Nope. It’s what the Democrats intended, and to varying degrees, the president, however with no Single Payer or Public Option, this is merely an expansion of the existing system loaded with extra taxes to defray national debt and …

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Eat The Damn Bill, Just To Spite Gohmert

Though the Republicans’ united front against the passage of the Health Care Bill in the House Of Representatives ultimately failed anyway, there’s a part of me that wishes the 219-212 vote in favor was a little closer.

Why? Representative Louie Gohmert, from Texas’ 1st Congressional District, stated that the bill …

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Reality Check: Health Care U.S.A. – A Half-Century of Fear, Morality, Lobbying and Defeat Gets Its Vote

One thing I can say about this Barack Obama guy; he kicks my cynical ass every time. No way an African-American, liberal, neophyte can even show up to a fight with the Clinton machine, much less defeat it for a shot at the most powerful post in the land. Really? …

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The Census Consensus: Stand Up And Be Counted (Or Not)

Perhaps the most glaring lunacy of the tea party movement—a questionably grassroots endeavor that takes its name from the Boston Tea Party—is that some factions plan to boycott the U.S. Census. If the substantive idea behind the name is “no taxation without representation” and the purpose of a census is …

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The Curious Case Of The Al-Qaeda Seven: Defining The Enemy In The Age Of Hypocrisy

Here we go again; more political agenda masquerading as public outrage with cheaply framed ham-fisted watchdog techniques. As boring and antiquated as James Madison’s smear campaign against John Adams during the 1800 presidential campaign against his boss, Thomas Jefferson, its methods reek of American tradition, often misunderstood in its time …

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Interview with Apostle Of Solitude: The Doom Of Old Made New Again

Indianapolis doom four-piece Apostle Of Solitude issue this month their second full-length album, Last Sunrise, through Profound Lore. Known for their emotive material and provocative aural sadness, the band has grown palpably since their 2008 Sincerest Misery debut, and it shows in the subtle changes in songwriting and approach …

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Burn Al Gore At The Stake! With Non-Renewable Fuel!

There’s been a lot of seasonal blowback for the climate change crusader Al Gore. A United States with 49 states experiencing snow this winter only exacerbated a plunge in popularity (They even tried to kick him off the board of Apple because the ice caps haven’t melted yet.), and he …

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Sean Kean Protest: The Pinball Blizzard Gays Storm Their State Senator

For the last three years, gays have been like pinballs in the Jersey politics machine. Slapped around by one-directional rubber flippers, they hit the high-score bumpers at times, but inevitably land in the gutter.


The ball slips through the flippers. BONUS. Another game.

It’s Friday night, Feb. 19, and …

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