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Reality Check: The Buffett Rule

It’s national campaign time and the Democrats have joined the crazy. Six months of idiocy from the Republicans was apparently enough. Check that; to understand what is going on in congress with what is official...
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Reality Check: Readers Responses

The following is just a flavor of the overwhelming response to LOOK AWAY DIXIE LAND – Issue: 3/28/12 and in particular the Trayvon Martin shooting, Florida politics, Southern culture, the media firestorm, and t...
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Deleted Scenes: What I’ve Missed The Most

By the time your planets have aligned in just the right position to have you reading these words, I’ll be back in New Jersey after a 12-day trip abroad. It’s the longest I’ve ever been gone from home on my own,...
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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Gregg Allman

Last year, ubiquitous producer T-Bone Burnett and Rock Legend Gregg Allman, 65, teamed up for Low Country Blues (Rounder). It turned out to be one of 2011’s best albums. On the phone, Allman sounds weak, strain...
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