Shoreworld: Status Green, Matt O’Ree and Mischief

Status Green, Matt O’Ree and others team up for Johnny Bukowiec memorial Scholarship benefit at The Paramount Theater, Nov. 21.

I always hate to have to announce any type of benefit show as the reasons leading up to it are usually not good, but this one is especially tragic due …

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North Jersey Notes: Scarlet Carson & More!


I found an amazing band out of Toms River, NJ that could possibly be the next big rock band to come out of Dirty Jersey. They’re young, they have a great look and their music is extremely rock radio-friendly! The name of the band is Scarlet

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Weird NJ: An Unexpected Haunting & More

Montville’s glowing grave is a well-known phenomenon, but two people who went looking for it one night experienced something quite different. ˆ

It was about 10:30 PM and there was a full moon as we pulled up even with the church and the eighth fence post. We looked over at …

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Shoreworld: Frankenstein 3000, Asbury Music Awards and more!

Hugh Cornwell, Frankenstein 3000 and Ziggy Shock

Brighton bar- LIVE!

October 23, 2010

Who could ever forget that punk rock underdog called The Stranglers? Well, according to the packed crowd at the Brighton Bar, not many. And while Hugh Cornwell doesn’t dwell 24-hours a day on his old band’s contribution …

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North Jersey Notes: Flames Of Fury, Apathy, Ape Fight and more!


Charetta bassist Richard Mollo recently emailed me to let me know about a new project he’s been working with lately. The name of the band is Flames of Fury and they rock! After reading Rich’s email, I clicked on the enclosed link to the band’s ReverbNation page …

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Shoreworld: Red Wanting Blue & Goodbye to Lou Appel

Red Wanting Blue is a band that reaches you before they show up. They’re like Gary Oldman in Dracula, where, before you can even see them, you sense their presence has reached out and touched you. However, in this case that’s a good thing. Unlike Dracula, who will drain your …

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North Jersey Notes: Third Kind


I recently received an email from an old friend and bass brother in Eric Berkowitz from Full Out Freak. I was writing about Full Out Freak almost on a weekly basis when I started this column. It turns out that Eric has put together a new …

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Shoreworld: Sir Ivan – “I Am Peaceman”

Doing research for this next artist probably had me doing more head shaking and eyebrow raising than just about anything I’ve done for The Aquarian to date. As a rock aficionado, I have very little enthusiasm for your typical house and techno based music, however, Clifton, New Jersey turned Manhattan-ite …

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North Jersey Notes: Bone Yard

BONE YARD—Rochester, NY

A few weeks ago, my band, Sik Twisted Smile, performed at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ with my boys from Black Water Rising and Sekond Skyn, with Corey Glover on vocals. The band that opened the night was Bone Yard from Rochester, NY. This gig for them was …

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Shoreworld: Keith Caputo, Michael Alago and TV Tramps Live

Poetry Men In Black

Creative movers and shakers run quite the gamut when it comes to self-expression and the imaginative approaches for everything they do. These next two Shoreworld specialists may hail from New York City and beyond, but they’ve spent much time in the Garden State, gracing us with …

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