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North Jersey Notes: DJ Cloak And Dagger

Yes, yes, yes! I know that my column is for the local North Jersey musician looking to get some exposure for playing original music. Well, for some reason, I feel that this DJ Cloak And Dagger is a little bit o...
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North Jersey Notes: State Of Revolution

My friend Lisa, who used to book at the now defunct Dexter’s in Riverdale, NJ, recently emailed me to take a listen to one of her friend’s bands. So because I’ve known Lisa forever, I went over to State Of Revo...
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North Jersey Notes: Only Living Boy

I was recently turned onto this band out of Hackettstown, NJ, called Only Living Boy through an email from a friend of mine. They’re a great band with some excellent songwriting skills. After listening to songs...
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Local Noise: The Voodudes

From Bruce and Bon Jovi to Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill, from old timers like Count Basie and Frank Sinatra to up-and-comers like Jesse Malin and Lisa Bouchelle, New Jersey has been home for many of the grea...
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