Shoreworld: Writers In The Raw and Status Green

Writers In The Raw—The Count Basie Theater, Red Bank—May 1

This next installment of this high class production is instrumental in proving that not only is Writers In The Raw alive and well, but that they still live up to the claim they’ve made since their inception, that they run …

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North Jersey Notes: Only Living Boy

I was recently turned onto this band out of Hackettstown, NJ, called Only Living Boy through an email from a friend of mine. They’re a great band with some excellent songwriting skills. After listening to songs like “Worthless,” “My Friend,” and “Homesick,” over and over again, I thought that Only …

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Local Noise: The Voodudes

From Bruce and Bon Jovi to Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill, from old timers like Count Basie and Frank Sinatra to up-and-comers like Jesse Malin and Lisa Bouchelle, New Jersey has been home for many of the greatest artists the world has seen in a variety of musical genres. And …

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Shoreworld: Secret Syde & Larry “Bozo” Blasco

The Secret Syde Reunion—The Brighton Bar—April 25

Back in 1980, when The Brighton Bar was little more than a dank, carpeted cave, the music scene was an exploding revolution and a far different animal than what we see today. Jersey was crawling with cutting edge groups all screaming to burst …

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North Jersey Notes: Mean Venus

My boy Adrian Freyre recently contacted me to tell me that he was playing in a new band. I’ve known Adrian since he played in the band Trimm and I’ve watched him play a few times with the band Jersey Gypsy. Adrian, who’s a very talented guitarist, is now …

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Shoreworld: Deena Shoshkes, Black President and Bouncing Souls

Deena Shoshkes—Somewhere In Blue

I can remember when The Cucumbers were at the height of popularity, playing alongside The Bongos, the Feelies and many others, and causing quite a commotion with the 1987 Profile Records release of “My Boyfriend,” a song that got extensive play time on MTV. It …

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Shoreworld: Jack Brag & Jon Caspi

Jack Brag—Fear Of Falling Overturned

The ‘80s was a wild decade for sure. The clothes, the coke binges, the clubs and the music were off the gnarly scale. It was a period of formation for many eclectic bands and those quirky underworld sounds were the foundation of many of the …

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North Jersey Notes: Rosewood Ghosts, Hoboken, NJ

A guy named Jamie DiTringo, guitarist for a band called Rosewood Ghosts, recently wrote to me saying that he reads my column regularly, and was wondering if I would be interested in giving his band a listen. So, I clicked on one of the two links that he emailed …

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Shoreworld: The Chronic Sick @ Brighton Bar And Rob E. Greenburg’s Saturday Morning

The Chronic Sick—Brighton Bar—LIVE—Feb. 28
Bobby, Greg, Jo Jo and Artie are back and better than ever as they showed a whole new generation of Brighton faithful just how you get hardcore done. With the help of L.A. Gun’s Adam Hamilton at the engineering helm, the band has released their …

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NJ Notes: Bearin’ Peace / Eden Star

Lately, I’ve been getting my inbox stuffed with emails from bands asking me to check them out. Sometimes, bands send me multiple emails because I don’t respond quickly enough; therefore they think that I didn’t see their email. Well, to “all” of the bands that send multiple emails, I did …

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