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North Jersey Notes: Mean Venus

My boy Adrian Freyre recently contacted me to tell me that he was playing in a new band. I’ve known Adrian since he played in the band Trimm and I’ve watched him play a few times with the band Jersey Gypsy. Adr...
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Shoreworld: Jack Brag & Jon Caspi

Jack Brag—Fear Of Falling Overturned The ‘80s was a wild decade for sure. The clothes, the coke binges, the clubs and the music were off the gnarly scale. It was a period of formation for many eclectic ban...
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NJ Notes: Bearin’ Peace / Eden Star

Lately, I’ve been getting my inbox stuffed with emails from bands asking me to check them out. Sometimes, bands send me multiple emails because I don’t respond quickly enough; therefore they think that I didn’t...
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North Jersey Notes Updates

I have to send congrats out to Ippy And The Project’s Paul and Linda Ippolito. They welcomed their latest “project,” Paul Vincent Ippolito, into the world a few weeks ago. Little Paulie was born about a month ...
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North Jersey Notes: Cashmier

I got an email the other day from Vince Albano, the singer of a band called Cashmier, asking me to check out his band. I know that I say this every week, but I do check out every band that asks me to give them ...
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