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I have to send congrats out to Ippy And The Project’s Paul and Linda Ippolito. They welcomed their latest “project,” Paul Vincent Ippolito, into the world a few weeks ago. Little Paulie was born about a month early and with some respiratory complications. Paul and Linda say that the …

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Shoreworld: Robert Hazard Tribute And The Singer Songwriter Cape May—March 27 and 28

I remember listening to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” from She’s So Unusual and not knowing till years later that Robert Hazard had actually written it. The Philadelphia legend wrote that song back in 1979 and though it was never really a hit for him and he …

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North Jersey Notes: Cashmier

I got an email the other day from Vince Albano, the singer of a band called Cashmier, asking me to check out his band. I know that I say this every week, but I do check out every band that asks me to give them a listen, or at …

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Shoreworld: Little Steven’s Big Score & Lisa Bianco’s Post Data

Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records has been stirring up buzz everywhere lately, scoring legions of fresh new fans with bands like The Chesterfield Kings, The Grip Weeds, The Urges, The Chevelles and now, from Norway, The Cocktail Slippers. The premier label for garage, grit and grunge, Wicked Cool Records …

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North Jersey Notes: Damn Glad (Jersey City, NJ)

I recently got a message on MySpace from Matt Kurzban, guitarist for a band called Damn Glad, asking me to check out his band. So, I did, and I thought that they were a pretty good rock band. Musically, the riffs rocked and the hooks were catchy—a great recipe …

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Shoreworld: John Luraschi & The Stone Pony’s 35th Anniversary

John Luraschi

The End Of The Road

The Wonder Bar — March 22

John Luraschi has long been part of the area’s original rock gangs formed during the music explosion of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and he’s kept his rock and roll roots deep in the local Jersey …

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North Jersey Notes: Autumn Hour, Clifton, NJ

During one of my rehearsals with my band Hostel Inc. down at Factory Studios 2 in Clifton, NJ, studio manager Big Dave dropped in to say hi, but he also wanted to give us a listen to the new band that he’s been playing drums for, Autumn Hour, which …

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Shoreworld: Rick Barry—This Antediluvian World

Much has been written about Rick Barry, mostly by local journalists and not always in the most challenging of ways. Many have given him the pass, gushing over his acoustic accomplishments while excusing the band stuff as “experimental.” Whatever the case might be I know that this CD is important …

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North Jersey Notes: Forever Oeuvre

I recently had the opportunity to hang out and jam with the most recent Fuel bassist, Ronny Paige, and I have to say he is one damn good musician! Just by talking to Ron I was able to tell that he knew what he was talking about when it came …

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Shoreworld: Turtle Soup, Dan Reed

Phanphest Presents: Turtle Soup—CD Release— LIVE! @ The Saint—Jan. 29

I still enjoy being challenged by musicians who can open my jaded eyes to the wonders of improv. Turtle Soup is a band that’s managing that task lately, stretching the envelope and taking chances on record as well as live.…

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