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North Jersey Notes: Autumn Hour, Clifton, NJ

During one of my rehearsals with my band Hostel Inc. down at Factory Studios 2 in Clifton, NJ, studio manager Big Dave dropped in to say hi, but he also wanted to give us a listen to the new band that he’s been...
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North Jersey Notes: Forever Oeuvre

I recently had the opportunity to hang out and jam with the most recent Fuel bassist, Ronny Paige, and I have to say he is one damn good musician! Just by talking to Ron I was able to tell that he knew what he...
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Shoreworld: Turtle Soup, Dan Reed

Phanphest Presents: Turtle Soup—CD Release— LIVE! @ The Saint—Jan. 29 I still enjoy being challenged by musicians who can open my jaded eyes to the wonders of improv. Turtle Soup is a band that’s managing th...
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North Jersey Notes: Hyphen One & Daylow

I recently received an email from Hyphen-One & Daylow guitarist Jake Nowak letting me know about his band from North Jersey. Like I do anytime a band asks me to check out their band, I went to their website...
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