Coheed and Cambria @ Hammerstein

What do you get when you take two up-and-coming rock acts with dramatically different musical styles and put them together on a co-headlining tour? Do you get the best of both worlds or an inevitable disaster? Well, this was the issue that accompanied the recent Coheed And Cambria/Avenged Sevenfold tour. …

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Fall Out Boy: Interview with Pete Wentz

Despite the fact that millions of teenaged girls wish to be the friction in his jeans, Fall Out Boy bassist and hottie Pete Wentz still lives at home with his parents. While most 26-year-olds have long moved out, it makes sense that Wentz still resides at his parents’ crib. He’s …

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Interview With Taking Back Sunday: Now Tell Them Louder

If anything, life in the Taking Back Sunday camp is never dull. After releasing Tell All Your Friends in 2002 and cultivating a rather rabid fanbase, this Long Island crew lost a few key members. TBS emerged from that crisis relatively unscathed and certainly unphased, replacing their prodigal sons, and …

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Interview with Thursday: Love For The Garden State

One brisk, late winter evening, I was walking downtown to a listening party at New York City’s The Spotted Pig for Thursday’s new album, and sophomore effort for Island, A City By The Light Divided. As I turned the corner, I saw drummer Tucker Rule, guitarist Tom Keeley, out …

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Interview with Alice In Chains: The Return

The prospect of an Alice In Chains reunion might have sounded questionable, given vocalist/frontman Layne Staley’s accidental death from a drug overdose four years ago, but last Feb., when AIC took the stage with a rotating host of singers (including but not limited to Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Ann …

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NOFX: Interview with Fat Mike

Still going strong after all of these drunken years, NOFX are back in the punk rock spotlight. Fat Mike agreed to do an interview with us over at The Aquarian. Quite a surprise since he is not only one truly busy man (juggling two bands, family, and a record …

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BonBomb: Interview with BonBomb

Combining America’s favorite chocolate-covered salmonella poisoned treat (the Bon Bon) and that which blows everyone up (the Bomb) might not occur to you right off the bat, but then, you’re not in BonBomb now, and you never have been.

The name may be superficially cute and charming, but it also …

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Soilwork: Interview With Bjorn Strid

The caller ID on my phone said INTL with a series of numbers with no hyphens between them. It was time to answer the phone and speak, for the first time, to Bjorn Strid, vocalist for Soilwork. I have been a fan of this Swedish band since their inception and …

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Gogol Bordello: Interview with Gypsy Punks

If a pack of gypsies known as Gogol Bordello pass through your town, beware. It means Cultural Revolution is in the air; at least that’s what the band hopes its music, inspired by Ukrainian Gypsy culture, will provoke. And if you find upon listening to the band’s new album, GYPSY

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Atmosphere: Interview with Atmosphere

Okay, let’s get this straight. By now, you’ve probably heard the name Atmosphere, and that’s wonderful. But before we go any further, it would probably be a good idea to clear up any confusion. Atmosphere is not a person. They are two people.

A collaboration between lyricist Sean “Slug” Daley …

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