Inked Out: Body Art Tattoo And Piercings


Let me say one thing about South Jersey: there are a lot of tattoo shops down here! So, I was driving to work one morning when my eyes caught the word ‘tattoo.’ My first thought was, I’m late for work, so I need to …

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Inked Out: Sink The Ink

On a recent trip though Pennsylvania—just north of Philly to be exact, I happened to drive by a great little tattoo shop in a small town called Willow Grove. The shop was called Sink the Ink and it seemed pretty busy for a local …

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Inked Out: No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo

PHILADELPHIA, PA—On a recent visit to the City of Brotherly Love, I came across a beautiful storefront that stood out compared to the other shops on South Fourth Street in Philadelphia. The place had Hawaiian décor that can lure anybody in out of mere curiosity. And it sure as hell …

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Inked Out: Divinity Tattoo

Scottsdale, AZ

On a recent jaunt to the southwest with my lady friend, we came across a great little tattoo shop in Scottsdale, Arizona that we wanted to check out pretty badly. The shop caught our eye on one of the evenings that we went out to meet some friends …

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Interview With Artist Chet Zar: Inked Art

I was recently introduced to the dark and eerie world of artist Chet Zar at the Visionary Arts Tattoo Festival in Asbury Park. After interviewing the festival’s promoter, Naomi Fabricant, last month, I couldn’t wait to see Chet’s work in person and he didn’t let me down. Chet’s artwork is …

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Inked Out: Addiction Ink

After a recent gig at The Continental in the East Village of New York City, my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk down to Saint Marks Place to find a tobacco pipe for….well, tobacco! What else? Anyway, we found a smoke shop that was also a tattoo and …

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Inked Out: Exotic Body Works: Hammonton, NJ

Since the love of my life landed a job in South Jersey, I was driving her to work every day for a while. She found a job in a small town called Hammonton, NJ, also known as “The Blueberry Capital of the World.” Well, I said it before, since I …

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Inked Out: Physical Graffiti Tattoo, Linden, NJ

I was recently contacted via email to visit a shop down in Linden, NJ. Now, to local musicians like me, Linden, NJ, is known as the home of The Cup Entertainment Complex because we’ve all played there at one time or another. Well, this would be the first time that …

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Inked Out: Big Brad’s Tattoo Shop – South River, NJ

Recently, I started cold calling a few tattoo shops down in the South Jersey area to schedule some interviews for Inked Out. When I called Big Brad’s Tattoo Shop in South River, NJ, I got more than an earful about the business today from Big Brad himself. While I was …

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Inked Out: Year End Wrap Up

Since I started writing this tattoo column that we call Inked Out, I have to admit that 2009 was the craziest of all the past years. I originally took on this column in hopes to find the perfect place to get my next tattoo and I’ve visited some pretty cool …

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