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Wanna Cry Out Loud?: Once

I can’t remember a film that made me cry out loud as much as Once, the 2007 musical. It’s not that it was so sad, per se, it’s just that its depiction of two people finding their love for each other through mus...
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A Boy At Play: Colin Hay

Born in Scotland, raised in Australia, Colin Hay, 63, fronted Men At Work in the ‘80s to massive success but quit being a man at work when he became a California boy at play in the ‘90s. That’s when his solo wo...
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Night Song on NYE: Savoir Adore

Pop-rock duo Savoir Adore have a lot to be celebrating in 2016. They released their first full-length in four years, The Love That Remains, and a new lineup. Lauren Zetter, previously of Panama Wedding, replace...
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